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To adopt a Westie puppy from this website, you should complete our Puppy Adoption Application. The adoption fee is $1600.00 for the girls and $1500.00  for the boys.  A refundable deposit is $100.00.


Beginning January 1st 2021 the price of our Westie puppies will increase $200.00

Girls will be $1800.00 and Boys will be $1700.00.

If your deposit is received before January 1st, you will remain on the current price.


 After you have completed the application and have been approved, you may place the deposit and pay the balance using the safe and secure servers at PayPal when you click on the buttons below.


Placing a deposit can be done in two easy steps.


1.     Complete our adoption application. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible in the case that there are further questions from us, and/or to approve your application. 

2.    After receiving our approval, place a deposit! You can use the PayPal buttons below, or contact us to say you prefer to mail a check.  After your deposit is received we will mail a receipt to you.


Please read all of the information on this page (including the bottom!) and the Health Guarantee page, if you have any further questions, contact us at westie@westiewhispers.com.  We are more that happy to answer your questions, and to help you to completely understand the process of adopting a puppy from Westie Whispers.


- Thank You!


A $50.00 credit card fee is added to each "Balance" payment if you are using a credit card as payment.

Click here to place a $100.00 deposit on a Westie puppy (Girl or Boy)

Click here to pay the balance on a Westie Girl - $1500.00 plus $50.00 credit card fee.

Click here to pay the balance on a Westie Boy - $1400.00 plus $50.00 credit card fee.

Click here to pay for a Veterinary Health Certificate - Some airlines require this for "in-cabin" flights ($45.00)

Click here to pay an additional delivery fee ($50.00)

Click here to pay the Adoption Fee for a retired Westie.  This includes grooming,  spay/neuter, booster shot, and rabies vaccination ($350.00)

A $100.00 deposit is required to reserve a puppy.

  *** Deposits can be made with a credit card on this page or a check can be mailed.  We will reserve a client's choice in the pick order for the litter they choose as soon as they contact us with their litter and sex choice (i.e. A girl from Amanda).  If the deposit is not received within one week (for checks) or 24 hours (for credit cards) their name will be removed from the litter and that spot will be available again.


---  The remainder of the adoption price of a puppy must be credit card (using the Paypal buttons on this page), or cash.

---  Any payments made by credit card must be made 10-14 days prior to the scheduled pick-up date (Puppy Day).

---  If a client has pre-arranged a delayed pick up due to a scheduling conflict on Puppy Day,  the client must pay the balance of the adoption price (and delivery fees if applicable) 10 days prior to the scheduled Puppy Day.

---  All puppies are adopted as pets.  Never for breeding.


Your payment is refundable under the following terms:


( 5% transaction fee will be deducted on credit card/PayPal refunds)


1.  You may call, email, or mail a request for your deposit to be returned to you by mail twenty-one or more days prior to the arrival of your puppy. Your deposit will be returned within thirty days.


2.  You may upon examining the puppy change your mind and your deposit will be returned to you within 30 days.  


Your deposit is NOT totally refundable under the following terms:


1.  In the event that you cannot be reached for delivery and pick up instructions twenty-one (21) days prior to the puppy's arrival (Puppy Day) your deposit will not be refunded.  


2.  In the event you have agreed to pick up the puppy and do not show up at the agreed upon time your deposit will not be refunded.


3.  If you cancel twenty-one (21) days or less before the puppy's arrival (Puppy Day), the amount of the deposit will not be refunded.

4.  A full twelve (12) months have passed and you have not chosen a puppy.


Note: if you cannot pick up your puppy on the appointed day or if you have not  made contact with Westie Whispers about picking up your puppy twenty-one (21) days prior to the arrival of the puppy, your place in the pick order is forfeited.  If all of the puppies are sold after forfeiting your place in the pick order, you may apply your deposit toward a future litter.


We reserve the right to refuse sale for any reason.


The sole purpose of the deposit is to hold your puppy until it is ready to go to your home.  We accept personal checks only for the deposit, not for the balance. The remainder must be paid with credit card (using the Paypal buttons on this page), or cash on Puppy Day.

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