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"Should I adopt more than one?"

We get this question a lot from potential adopters. We've seen a variety of scenarios and it's actually quite common for our Westies to live in pairs. While there is no right or wrong answer, there are a few things to take into consideration.


Dogs are pack animals. That's how they survive in the wild, and there are also definite advantages to "pack living" for domesticated dogs. When you adopt litter-mates, they will bond quickly and strongly with each other. There's comfort in knowing that they have a best friend and playmate with them at all times! And let's be honest, watching the siblings play together casts a spell and suddenly you can't imagine a home with just one! We here at Westie Whispers know that all too well, we've been enjoying a pack of Westies living in our home for years!

Here is a great photo/video montage created by Nick L. starring his two Westies Finn & Maggie.  This is a great opportunity to see how much a Westie's body transforms in the first 12 months!

But, hold on a second! Yes, they are adorable and yes, having a sibling around can be great, but is it really the best choice? 

That depends on you and your situation. Of course you have to look at it from a practical perspective: can I afford two puppies and all of the food, care, vet bills and grooming that comes with them? One puppy left alone for a few hours can get into trouble, will I have the patience for two? Training one dog and giving him adequate attention takes time, do I have enough time for both? Take the time to weigh the pros and cons. 

If you're unsure about adopting litter-mates - but still feel strongly about wanting more than one Westie in the family - allowing anywhere from six months to two years between adopting is a great option. The older dog will help teach the puppy manners, they'll both be close enough in age that they can entertain each other, and they will bond without becoming overly-attached. 

Adopting in pairs can be a wonderful experience and we have yet to meet someone who wishes that they hadn't - but it is a big decision that requires consideration. 

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