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About Westies


The West Highland White Terrier (like the Scottish terrier) is from Scotland. They have been seen running there for over 300 years.


Westies make wonderful family pets.  Although they seem to bond stronger with one person they are outgoing and friendly to all.  They are gentle non-aggressive happy dogs. This makes the Westie a versatile pet. They love to play with kids, they love to jog and they love to be loved. If you are in the market for a small healthy pet, the Westie is for you.


Westies range in weight from 15-22 pounds, and are 10-11 inches at the shoulder.  With good care and nutrition the lifespan of Westies is generally 12-14 years.


Westies have two types of coats on a single dog. They have a soft undercoat and a wiry outer coat.  Their coats are easy to clean with little brushing, they should be trimmed to the owner's desired length. These dogs do not shed which makes them wonderful for families with allergies.


**Note: hairs do fall out like human hairs.



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