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Client comments - The Early Days

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These comments are from 1996 to 2010.

Comments on this page start when Westie Whispers began.  So many great families have kept us informed of their Westies over the years we started additional pages.



Our new puppy is such a delight – we all adore her. We named her Bella – as she is such a beauty. She pretty much passed out for a good portion of last evening with my son Eli (6) – and by this morning she was definitely part of our family. Thank you very much for making it possible for our family to have such a little delight! We are all over the moon.




I just wanted to share photos of Ozzy with my son and daughter. We picked him up on May 29, 2009. He is healthy and very happy. He definitely has a mind of his own.

We can’t imagine life without him.




Attached are some pictures of Luna playing in the grass. She is super sweet and very smart. She catches on to things we try to teach her very quickly. Thanks for all your help and advice when we first got her.

-Reynard and Shelly



We are enoying our new addition very much. He is great and my partner, the large dog lover, had been smitten. We have named our little male puppy Onchu, which is Celtic for mighty dog and the name fits. Out cat is not a happy camper but is is tolerating the white vermin well.

-Karen & Rob


Have to give you progress on Breanna and Brodie's first camping trip since being part of our home from Westie Whispers! They loved it and had a hard time staying out of the lake and chasing the chipmunks down their holes!




I wanted to write and tell you how completely enchanted we are with our new little boy! He is so happy and courageous. He is ready and willing to try anything. He adjusted right away to his new home and has already climbed the five steps to the front door. We could not be more pleased. He will be my "little buddy" for many years to come.
Thank you so much.



We picked Maya up on June 5th. She is so fun, our kids adore her already! Thank you for such a quality dog.





I thought you might like this picture of Ray & Mariah all grown up. Ray is

on the left.




Patricia and Martin,

Just to let you know that Fiona is a delight. She woke us up with a little
whine at 1 a.m. Then she went back to sleep and woke us again at 6 a.m. She went
outside and did her business. She cried on the way from Littleton to
Aurora, but has been playful, sweet and companionable since we arrived. You
can imagine our surprise. We thought we would have a hard night and a bit
of adjustment.

Thanks for all the care you put in to this sweet little girl.

-Eileen, Bill, Kate and the others


I wanted to take a moment to get in touch.... 

In the short time Gracie has been with us she has proven to be exactly what I'd hoped for. You know from my many messages how much I wanted a mellow puppy... Gracie is as easy going as I could have wanted. Outside of her short bursts of energy and typical puppy inquisitiveness, she has a wonderful temperament. 

Gracie had her first visit to the vet on the Monday following her homecoming and throughout the examination, she was calm, compliant and comfortable with each new experience. She hasn't been intimidated by our larger dogs or the big dogs who visit and has a typical terrier 
personality but is clearly no alpha dog. My vet and the trainer I've engaged who both see a very large number of puppies have been impressed with sweet she is.

All in all, Gracie is wonderful and I wanted to thank you again for 
her. She's perfect in every way. 

Hope all is well;



This was taken just before the dogs went to church last Sunday for the animal blessing on St Francis Day.




Dodger just turned two. He's super smart, very cute, and we love him very much.




I wanted to let you know we just love Izzy. She's full of life and joy, and is so smart. She's doing well, is growing, and her coat is coming in. Thanks so much for our terrific little girl!



I have attached a couple of pictures of Piper and Riley in their new surroundings. Everyone is getting along great. Riley and Piper now know how to get into the doggy door from outside which is good and bad. When we take them out for business and it is snowy like last night they would rather go inside and use the carpet instead. Anyway, hope you like the photos as much as we love Riley and Piper. Ollie (the one playing with Riley and Piper) is so happy to have a few playmates. Eddie and Corkie (the two together) seem to have forgotten how to play. They are more like grandparents.




Here are some pictures of Pongo, he is doing quite well as you will see by the photos. Hope you don't mind that I sent so many, I wanted to show you how happy Pongo is and Nathan too to have him. Thanks for calling today. Take care.




Just wanted to update you on my "Little Man". He get's more compliments than I do!!! He is now 2 and a half and is a star everywhere I go. At the horse shows he rides the golf cart and catches the eye of all around. SUPER cutie patootie! We are moving to Tucson, Arizona so I will be sure to keep you all updated. Westie Whispers is THE BEST!!!

With love,

-Kathy and Little Man, Parker, CO the way... he LOVES to camp out on top of my Golden Jackson's back....Jax has been a great brother.



We just wanted to say hello, and that we are so happy with "Papaya" and "Mango". "Papaya is now 7 months old, and has the best personality. "Mango" is 5 months old, and is a real sweet heart. We are so happy with "Papaya and Mango". We recommend Westie Whispers everyone!!

Thank you so much,

-Kim & Paul



We just wanted to check in and say how totally in love we are with our Mack. He is such a character - he's never met a stranger and thinks he is the biggest dog around. Keep in mind he is still only 4 months old!! So very smart and doing super on his potty training. Our older dog has never gotten so much exercise and loves his snuggle buddy/playmate. This is our first Westie but by no means our last. What blessing to have found you and our sweet baby boy. Thanks again from the whole family.




Bentley has just received his first hair cut and is back to resume his stampeding through the house with his big brother, Wally. Both are from Trystan...and Ariel in Wally's case....Annabelle in Bentley's case...and share the same happy disposition we had hoped for.
Wally is now 27 months of last Thursday, Bentley is 16 weeks old. Bailey, who is twelve years old, often finds herself running and playing with them as if she were just a pup again! All three love to hike through the woods together and Bentley can run almost as fast as Wally now.
We couldn't be happier with this little "troublemaker"!

-Richard and Lynne




Rascal is doing well. He has calmed down a lot after we got him fixed. He still likes to softly bite you and loves to jump into his toy box and decide what he wants to play with and then strew them around or take them outside so we can go pick them up. He goes to bed about 15 minutes after Bob does and then expects Bob to put him up on the bed so he can sleep on his pillow. He is a character.



We’ve been meaning to email you for a couple weeks now to let you know how our little guy ‘Wilson” is doing.  He’s fantastic!  He’s feisty, he’s rambunctious, he’s stubborn, he’s got a mind of his own. In other words, he’s a typical Westie. He fits in well and he’s a great addition to our family. He’s making a great companion to our 6 year old westie Andy, although Andy was having some adjustment issues.  His world got turned upside down when Wilson came home and he was quite jealous for a few days but he’s come around since.  Both of them are constantly “playing” with each other. He’s Super Dog, he’s a stalker. It’s fun to see him flying off the bean bag to chase Andy and it’s fun to see him go down in a stalking position as if he’s ready to pounce on Andy. Wilson just completed his first of eight training sessions for puppies at our local PetSmart yesterday. He’s responding to his name already and his potty training is coming along just fine. We’re all so glad he’s in our family. The only regret is what Kristin said the other night, “we should have gotten two Westies!!!”

Thanks so much.

-Robert and Kristin


I just wanted to let you know how much I adore my babies.  I can't believe that they will be a year old tomorrow.  I thought I would send you some pictures of Ray and Mariah's birthday party.  They had a great time at their birthday party today, and so did all the other dogs and staff. I bought them a cake at Three Dog Bakery.  I did watch part of the party on the doggiecam, and I called my husband to watch it.  Ray's best friend, Goose, is there today.  I don't know if Mariah's boyfriend, Austin, is there today.  Give Ashleigh and Trystan a big hug and kiss for me, and let them know their babies are doing great.




This is our Trixie that we got from you. She is a darling little puppy and we love her so much. She was the last of the litter but we think she was the best. She is smart as a tack and learns very fast. Thought you would like to see her. She likes to get up on this stool. I don't know why but she does. 

-Erv & Marie



"Papaya" is doing very well!!  She is so smart and is growing.  I will send you a picture soon.  Thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family!!

-Kim & Paul


We are thoroughly enjoying our puppies.  They are very inquisitive and seem to be into everything.  They are so funny to watch.  Its fun to watch them stalk each other.  They love to chase each other also.  Both boys gets lots of love each morning and every night before bed.  We are very glad to have gotten our puppies from you.  Thank you.




Just wanted to let you know our puppy "Buddy" is wonderful.  He is the best puppy I have ever had.  He is sleeping all night now and is doing well with his potty training.  He is so loveable and keeps us entertained all the time.  My grandkids stayed a couple days this week and they spoiled him.



I just wanted to let you know the babies are doing very well.  We go on a mile and a half walk in the morning and the night.  They are the toast of the neighborhood.  Everybody loves them.  I can't wait to get home every night to see them.  They have such cute personalities.  Thank you again for such wonderful babies.  They are definitly loved and spoiled alot.  My house looks like the toy aisle at PetsMart.




Just wanted to let you know "Rocky"  (Aurora's little boy) is doing great here in California.  We love everything about him.  Thank you for sharing him with us.

-Nannette & Steve


I just wanted to share some photos of our boy "Charlie" and his brother "Murphy" who lives down the street.  The boys spend every day together and are either at our home or down the street at Murphy's house.  They play all day and then spend the night at their seperate houses.  Or sometimes have sleepovers.  They love being together and we love having them.  We had one Westie before and loved him, but having two siblings together is great.

-The Millers and Stokebrands



I had the last pick of the litter (about a year and a half ago in 2007).  I got the puppy for my son, Alex, who was a college student at NYU.  Alex named him "Malcolm".  Well Malcolm just graduated from NYU and has also logged about 10,000 air miles in the cabin between NY, CA, AZ, and CO.  He is great in the plane.  He knows the drill since he as been doing it since Alex first got him, and you would never know a dog was in the plane with you.  He is a much loved dog by my son Alex who can't bear to be away from him.  Malcolm is the sweetest, funniest little scamp of a dog.  If we could clone Malcolm we would.  We like the idea we didn't get to pick, but the last one that no one pick and his is just the best.  We all love him!  Thanks for a GREAT puppy !!!!




Scrappy is doing wonderfully.  He woke up so excited this morning.  He is eating well.  I have taken him out constantly, but he comes back and potties in the pen.  That's OK because the pen is very large and has paper layed down in it.  His bed is a soft carrier taht he can come out when he wants.  He likes to chase the cat who is not used to him yet.  He loves his Greenie and new toys.  He loves everyone in the house.  He is so affectionate!  He has learned to go on walks, we all love him!



We brought 'Archie" home in January.  He is absolutely adorable and having his has been terrific.  We have been watching his ears gradually change, first one stood up, then the other and finally both.  He is healthy, happy, and eating and playing normally.  When the snow finally left the yard Archie discovered the joys of digging.  He has since discovered the results of digging is bathing.




We purchased "Piper" in 2005.  She is absolutely the most amazing dog and is truly a part of our family.




No fancy pictures to send, no clever note, just want you to know that "McGyver" and "Toby" are the light of our lives and we are so glad that we found you.  They will be a year old on May 25th, 2008 and are two wonderful pups!!  McGyver loves to go down the slide with the kids and Toby loves to ride in the car...  They are healthy and happy and enrich our lives!!



Here is a recent photo of "Drew" watching it snow outside.  He is so spoiled!  We are in love with him he is so funny!!

-The Kelly's



A photo of "Brodie", "Fergus", "Charlie" and "Max" chillin' out on the glider.




We have to let you guy know we love "Drew"!  We have had so much fun with him.  He is such a clown!  I will send pictures but wanted to let you know he is such a joy!



We have been blessed by "Jada's" presence in our home since January of 2005 (Ariel & Winston).  She is such a creative and wonderful puppy.  We enjoy every day with her.  Thanks for providing our family and home with such a great gift of companionship!!!

-Rhonda & Hal



It's been one year since we got "Wilson".  We LOVE this dog.  These dogs are so SMART.  We've really enjoyed having Winston around.  He is so much fun.  He loves to play with the kids, play in the snow, go hiking, go camping, etc.  We taught him how to ring the bell to go potty.  Every day he has something new to share with us.  He will go in for his one year check up with Dr. David Specht, who is a doctor Cynthia here in Colorado recommended.  He is awesome too.  Thanks for a great dog.




I adopted my little man "Winston" a year ago and can't express what a blessed joy he has been in my life.  He was the last of the litter from Winston and Agatha.  He is a small in stature little man with a heart of gold and brings me constant laughter.  I believe he is so handsome that the whole world should see him.  Am I proud or what?  Thank you all for bringing this child into my life.  I recommend you to everyone.




Merry Christmas!

- Pat



Today is "Wally Hawley's" first birthday.  I have had ten Westies in my life and Wally is by far the happiest, best natured little dog.  He has turned our eleven year old "Bailey" into a happy playmate.  He wakes up happy, goes to sleep happy, and when we tire...  happily plays with himself.  We traveled accross the country this past fall to New England.  Wally and Bailey were great little travelers.  They enjoy traveling in our plane.  Thank you Westie Whispers, for giving us such a wonderful little boy.  He makes us smile and laugh every day.

-Lynne & Richard



I just wanted to send you a note and let you know I made it to my new home in Arizona.  My big sister "Beezus" is alot of fun, but I'm not sure if she likes it when I jump on her head.  My Mom says I'm doing a great job of potty training.  I've been sleeping all night, I've been really tired after playing with Beezus.

-"Rizzo" (Sally & Kevin)

P.S.  My Mom really enjoys The Christmas Wesite book.



Hello, I adopted a male puppy from you this past July.  I wanted to let you know that we have been so happy with our "Luey".  He was from a litter from Agatha and Harrington born in May.  He is doing great and we are having so much fun with him.  I can't wait to see how he'll react to snow, as he thoroughly enjoys chasing leaves on the ground now! Here are photos of Luey on his first day home, several weeks later, and five month.




Here is a picture of "Nicholas" who was from Amber and Winston's litter in July 2006.  We've had him for a year now and he is the funniest, happily, contented Westie we have ever had.  We want to get him a sister, and it will be from your kennel, you have wonderful dogs!

-Jim & Mary



Our little Westie girl, "Ali", turned one year old today!  She is doing great and we love her to pieces.  Mom and Dad, Augustine and Harrington, should be very pround to have produced such cute offspring!

-Ann & Al



"Bella" has been a great addition to our family.  She has become best friends with "Gracey" the chocolate lab.  She wrestles and chases Taylor the cat all day.  Once I caught Bella using Taylor as a pillow.  But when I tried to get the camera they moved.  The cat looked at me like "Don't tell anyone you saw that!".  She has gotten a haircut since we have taken those pictures.  We love her very much, can't imagine our lives without a Westie.  Thanks so much.

-Jessi & Jeff

P.S.  I am planning to read your Christmas Westie book and bring Bella to our kindergarten class this winter.



We're thinking "Beezus" is ready for her little sister now, and see you now have a couple girls available.  I've attached a fairly recent picture of Beezus.  Thanks.




Just wanted to share a picture with you of our "Daisy" on her first trip to the mountains on Loveland Pass at around eleven thousand feet.  She very much likes the outdoors already.  We've had so much fun with her since bringing her home in early July.  She has a personality all of her own.  We look forward to many more trips to the mountains with her.

-Bert & Judy



Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying "Lacey".  She has become a wonderful addition to our family.  I am amazed at how much she has settled in.  She has never once appeared to be nervous or unsure of her surroundings.  She is a pure joy!!  We very much enjoyed meeting Martin and Cynthia.  They were so helpful and kind, not to mention... patient.  They may have mentioned how long it took us to decide on a puppy...  We couldn't have had a more enjoyable experience.  Thanks so much for all your help!



I wanted to send you a picture of "Izzy" (left) and "Dermot" (right) who are from Augustine and Trystan's litter.  We adopted them a year ago March, 15 2006.  They are wonderful dogs and have made us very happy.  They have all the energy of a typical Westie but abound in the amount of love and affection they give us.  They are also responsible for added quality of live four our 14 year old Westie "Abby".  Abby loved them from the start and, still takes long walks with us, and plays endlessly with them.

-Ana & Steve



I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much we ADORE "Stella Bella".  She was in Harrington and Annebelle's litter and is so beautiful.  No matter where we take her, people stop to admire and love on her.  She is so friendly and precious.  I've wanted a Westie my whole life and am thrilled that Stella is here!




This is "Dixie's" first ski trip.  She loves the snow, so the past two months have been heaven for her.  She makes everyone laugh to watch her.  She is nine months old now and such an important member of our family.  Everyone who meets her loves her.  She has a funny personality, has so much energy, and is so lovable and so smart.  Dixie is not a barker, so she rings a bell when she wants to go outside.  She is such a joy.  Thank you for breeding such a wonderful Westie.




We had "Mackenzie" groomed for the first time and we were told she was a "pro" and was so well behaved that they were able to give her the "Westie" cut, not just using the time to get her used to the grooming.  We are very pleased with this adorable dog.  And look forward to many years with her.  We promise to take good care of her and have made her a member of our family.

-Wayne & Susan


Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of "Beezus" on her first birthday.  She has been alot of fun, and has become a very special member of our family.  She has graduated from puppy training, intermediate training, and click-a-treat training.  The next step is CGC.  I am hoping to take her to the VA Hospital where I work to cheer up the sick veterans in the nursing home.

-Sally & Kevin



The Hawley House Highland Haven hereby proclaims the arrival of :  Sir William Wallace Hawley...  Or Sir William the Brave...  Also known as "Willy Wally Hawley".  His highness has settled in quite well, having found the food bowl, the water bowl, and the warmth of a perch sleeping on top of Lynne's pillow.  In fact, on top of her head.  Bailey's Highland Lass is not sure what to make of this new intruder.  And seems somewhat stressed about it all.  Time will cure her insecurities and we know they will become fast friends.

-Richand & Lynne



"Merlin" is so adorable and so smart, I love him so much.  He's the best part of my life now.  I'm attaching one photo for now.  I have several hundred to choose from.  He's the greatest.  BTW, his middle name is Harrington like his daddy.  I think he looks alot like him.




I wanted to send you an updated photo of "Fennis".  He just turned two on Christmas Eve.  This picture is from New Year's Eve.  He was very sleepy after playing in the snow all day at our cabin in the mountains.  He is such a joy and we all just love him!




Our new puppy has adjusted to our new home and loves Tucson weather.  We took him outside to play for the first time yesterday.  "Dodger" loves the grass and would like to play out there all day.  We just love Dodger, he is a real gem!



Just wanted to let you know that my puppy "Wilson" is adorable.  He has LOTS of energy.  Last night he almost slept through the whole night.  He has been in his kennel and doing well.




Here is "Mac" on his first night home.  He is so healthy, smart, and full of life.  He is a great addition to our family.




I want to send you an updated picture of "Toby" & "Ryder".  Ryder is two and a half and Toby is two.  We adore these dogs!!




I adopted one of Amanda and Winston's girls.  I am considering another one to keep her company.  I am so happy with my "Penny".  She is the joy of my life.




Just wanted to keep you in touch with how "Layla" is doing!!  She was from Arabella and Sebastian's litter.  She is now six months old and already such a great companion.  She has developed such a great spunky personality and keeps us on the move non-stop (typical Westie)!!  Just wanted to thank you for giving us such a fun loving Westie.  We love her so much!

-Lindsay & Chris



I am sending you and "updated" picture of our dog "Daisy".  She was from Augustine's very first litter.  Her dad is Sebastian.  She is such a part of our family...  More so than any other pet we have had.  Her personality is hilarious and she is so smart!




I just wanted to show you how "cute" Bryce has become.  He has been a joy for the last year.  He graduated from all his training classes, loves everyone, and has been perfectly healthy.  He is our little companion and hiker dog.  Thanks again for breeding such a smart, healthy and caring Westie!

-Jan & John



We are so enjoying "Audrey", who was born on May 11th.  She has a great personality.  My husband was not sure he wanted a puppy, but I think it looks like he has changed his mind and fallen in love.




Dixie is such a wonderful addition to our family!  She is really growing.  Weve been to two puppy training classes with her so far.  She is very quick.  I can't even express to you how much we love her.  I am so glad I found your web site.



You have blessed us with an angel we have named "Abby".  She was the smallest girl of that litter and her ears were not up yet.  I want to let you know she is healthy, happy, spoiled and loved.  I could not have asked for a more beautiful little girl.  There are four girls in this family including Abby and I think my husband feels a little left out.  We would like to adopt another puppy from you in June.

-Cherie, Dino, Kendall and Logan



I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you what a delight our puppy, "Jazz" has been!  She is such a sweetheart!  She loves to cuddle when she is tired, sleeps wonderfully in her crate next to our bed and is getting the hang of house breaking pretty well.  We have only had a few accidents which were usually our fault, not hers!  She licks and kisses more than nips, and we are all so very happy with her.



"Coconut" is doing great!  She is a very happy little girl and very lovable.  She loves to cuddle with all three of us.  She is sleeping through the night.  We already love her and cannot imagine being without her.  She is a real special gift to us.  

-Scott, Karen & Jonathan


We adopted "Derby" in February of 2005.  He has been such a great puppy.  He is such a character.  He loves to go for a walk with his big sister "Mattie" our black lab.  Here is a picture of Derby waking up from his nap in the clothes basket.

-Chris & Traci



"Morgan" is a real character.  We are enjoying her alot.  She and Emma play really well now and her personality is coming out.  She learned the doggie door in a few days.  Thanks again for helping us get her.

-Mary & Bill



Here is a picture of "Lois" from the September, 14th litter.  She has the most wonderful personality and has brought us so much joy.  Thanks again for all of your help.




Here are two pictures of Gus and my mom.  About two years ago after his first haircut.  We had left him shaggy until then.  He has been clipped several times since then.  We love to show Gus off to others.  Gosh we love him.

-Scott & Trish


Gus before first haircut.                Gus with Grammy after first haircut.


We fell in love with "Einstein" the moment we saw him and he keeps making that easier and easier.  From the first night on he was sleeping through the night.  He is the reason the boys come racing downstairs in the morning and home from school each day.  Many thanks to you for allowing us to have him and bring him into our family.  He has been a joy!!

Lili, Bill, Justin & Jason


Wanted to let you know how "Roxie" has been getting along.  She has gone from a fiesty willful little pup to a sweet mellow little darling.  She is such a smart girl.  Down, sit, and roll over require nothing more than a hand signal.  She loves to play fetch.  We met another one of your Westies from another family in Denver who waves bye-bye and rings a bell to go outside and potty.  Our vet adores Roxie and often comments on how calm and well behaved she is.  Hope this makes you proud because she sure makes us smile.

-Cynthia, Trent, and Pierce



I got "Sam" June, 2005.  As you can see he fits in perfectly, and is one of the most caring dogs I have ever seen.  Thanks.




We adopted "Jackson" from you January 2005 (Winston & Ariel).  I just wanted to let you know we absolutely LOVE him!  He is our constant entertainment and the joy of our lives.  We have decided we would like him to have a sister from you.  Thanks for giving us our wonderful boy "Jackson".

-Nathan & Natalie



I cannot tell you how wonderful Wallace is.  His skin is dark on his ears and tummy.  He is almost house trained.  He is very smart and a quick learner.  He is very happy and mellow.  I just love him to death and he loves me.  Thanks so much.




I wanted to write to let you know how much I love our little "Fennis" that I got from you in February 2005.  He is such a sweet boy.  He loves people and has such a personality.  He loves the outdoors and playing with his cousin, a German Shepherd "Tootsie".  He is so smart and has been so easy to train.  He quickly became a member of our family!  Thanks for the sweet little guy!




Yesterday we took "McDuff" to the vet for his one year check up.  The vet remarked that McDuff was one of the most handsome Westies she had seen.  She said "He is very healthy, well proportioned, and has a coat like silk."  We already knew that, but we wanted to tell you, and thank you again for this absolutely fabulous dog.




We got "Lacey" June 24th, 2005 and are enjoying her very much.  She is so full of energy and keeps us laughing.  Just this week she had her first experience with camping and seemed to love every minute.  Next month she will go with us to Washington when we go to visit my mother.  My mom is looking forward to seeing her since she loved our other two Westies.  Thank you for our bundle of joy.




Just wanted to let you know that you did a great job, "Bryce" has been a little doll.  He is so cute and has a great easy temperament.  He is so fun to watch while exploring his new environment.  He already climbed up and down the stairs to the porch on our new house and has adapted well to sleeping in his crate.  Thanks for breeding such a cute little angel!



I just wanted to thank you and let you know that we love our little puppy we adopted from you two weeks ago.  He was the last one of the bunch but no less cuter than the rest.  Thank you so much again for holding him for us.

- Quince, Nicole & Alicia


I purchased "Quincy" from you last year for my father's 64th birthday!  Here he is with me at a year old.  He is the most precious little fella and is loved by one and all.  Thank you for such a wonderful pup.

- Kendra



I want to thank you for a beautiful puppy!  She is so much fun!  Our family has just taken to her so!  She is very playful and curious...  She loves playing endlessly with her 4 and 8 year old boys.  Last night she had her first leash experience...  Oh how funny that was.  She runs 100 mph and then falls asleep almost in mid leap.  And when she sleeps she is out.  So far she has been able to have her family with her since her arrival.  She is just great!  Thank you so very much for such a lovely addition to our family.

- Monique



I took the last pick of the litter in February 2005.  I was uncertain whether or not to get another one, but Ryder and Toby are now buddies.  Here is Toby in the same bed upside down. --Just like Ryder  (see the next photo below)

- Laura



Ryder loves his bed!  We love our new puppy!  Thanks a lot!

- Laura



Toby & Ryder Update...  Thought you might like to see Toby and Ryder growing up.  They are my precious babies and I love them to death.  Thank you so much for these terrific puppies.




Jada is absolutely adorable and I think of you two often.  She is sooooo cute and sweet; brave and full of wonderment!  She whines when I am cooking and wants to see what I am doing so I lift her up to watch.  She loves our German Shepherd, Schoernste, they are the best of friends.  She is sleeping through the night in my bedroom.  Thank you again for the loving breeding.  I love my Westie!  A true delightful pal.

_Rhonda & Family


Here is a photo of Sir Sebastian McDuff with our little grandson, Mitchell.  I think it was love at first sight for both of them.  We believe that Mitchell and McDuff will form a very special friendship.  Since Mitchell lives close by, he and his parents have come over every night, to kiss Mcduff goodnight.  This is one very loved puppy, and if the wagging tail is any indication, he loves his new family too.

Thanks, again, for all of the good work you do as a breeder of all these wonderful dogs.

- Georgia                        


"Cowboy" (Angelique & Winston), as I write this let your heart be light, the little pup is warmly and happily sleeping his first night away in his new home with a most delighted family. 

- Diane


"I was definitely impressed by the commitment you and Martin have to breeding healthy animals and getting them off to a good start.  "Oliver" has been exceptionally healthy, and has not needed anything other than routine shots to date.  Marty and I are impressed with your commitment to good breeding practices, as well as your availability to answer questions.  In addition your prices are very reasonable compared to what I've seen here and other places I've looked.  Keep up the excellent work, as we feel very fortunate to have one of your dogs. 

- Colleen                             


"We just wanted to thank you for producing the most lovable puppy we have ever had.  Oh sure, he turns into a terrier every now and then, but most of the time "Buddy" wants nothing more than to be with us and do whatever we ask."

- Rick & Judy


"Just wanted to send a note about our friend "Duncan", I just wanted to say thanks for breeding such a fine and loving dog.  He was whelped on 12/25/02 from Lady Liberty Angelique and Sir Liberty Sebastian.  We have had him some 14 months now and he is everything we have hoped for."

- David & Elaine


"Thought we would send pictures of Augustine's girl that we have named "Daisy".  She has made herself at home rather quickly.  She's so much fun and has quite the personality.  The girls love her! Our older Golden Retriever loves her too! "

- CeCe                                    


"I purchased a puppy in September from the July litter of Lady Liberty Alexandria.  She's ADORABLE.  Here is a photo of "Tallulah" and my son.  She's an Angel."

- Ginger                                   



"Gus" The Great, King of the Mountain.  This handsome fellow goes by the name of Gus.  He was five months old when his picture was taken and as you can see he is an alert, curious little guy!  The "Guster" loves attention from anyone, old or young and he brings a smile to the face of anyone he meets with his playful antics and his delightful personality.  This picture was taken while he was exploring our mountain property in the Colorado Mountains.


- Dave & Carol                      




Just wanted to let you know that we are so happy with our new puppy.  We named him Toby.  We picked him up at Cynthia's on Saturday, and he as been a delight to us all.  He is curious, smart, and so playful and has fit right in with our family.  It was so great to meet Martin and Cynthia, they are both so kind and helpful with my questions.  Thank you,  and our best to you, your family, and your Westies.






I thought I'd take a minute and let you know that "Gus" is doing really well.  I don't know what we would do without him he really keeps us entertained.  He was pronounced "very healthy" at his last vet check.  He loves exploring our back yard, and enjoys chasing the quail and magpies when they show up.




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