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Client Comments and Updates - 2021

Hi Patti and Martin,

As always we are so happy to have Louie in our house... He’s been great.  A little stressful with two and potty/crate training but hey... he’ll eventually get it. He’s not having an issue of eating or drinking water.. he loves us.  We see Dr. Specht on Thursday... he’s a lover and we’re happy.  Wilson is adjusting to his new little brother.  That’s been a challenge...

Tina H.

1-5-21 Tina H. 2.jpg
1-5-21 Tina H. 1.jpg
1-5-21 Tina H. 3.jpg

Hey there!


I just wanted to let you and Martin know that “Crisco” and I made it back to St. Louis safely and smoothly yesterday! Crisco was a champ and slept the whole flight. Such a sweet boy. He’s starting to settle in and get a little braver and he’s such a cuddle bug! We absolutely love him. Thank you both so very much for allowing us the opportunity to raise and love this sweet boy!
Yesterday Martin and I couldn’t decide if he was Boy 1 or Boy 2,  but after comparing pictures my husband and I think he’s looking more like boy 2. But who knows!

I’m attaching a few pics from his first evening and morning at home. We will keep you guys updated on his adventures!

Stay healthy and well!

All the best,
Melissa M.

1-10-21 Melissa M. 1.jpg
1-10-21 Melissa M. 2.jpg

Patti and Martin,

Thanks so much. Willow was a dream on the plane ride home and has filled much of the void that Murphy left in our hearts. We already love her dearly and she is settling in quite nicely. Just wanted to give you guys an update and a thank you.

Denis A.

Good Morning Patti and Martin!

We wanted to tell you how much we love our new Westie.  She is so sweet and has adapted so well to our family and our home.  We are presently working on training her to “GO” outside and we have our ups and downs with this but know she is still very young and this will be a achieved eventually.  She already brings us such joy and we look forward to many years with her. Our granddaughters named her Bella Star.  We already have had a visit to our vet and his staff went crazy over her.  She has such personality!


Again thanks so much for our little blessing!

Alan & Beth S.

Patti and Martin,
We have named our little one Jackson. Curious and smart. He slept from 10:15pm until 5am when I woke him up to make sure he was breathing😂. He’s a beautiful Westie and we are very happy he is now part of our family. Thank you for taking such good care of your parents and puppies. We are indeed blessed❤️
Carol H.

Hi Patti and Martin,

Our family could not be more thrilled with little Frankie. We’re in love! He was really pretty perfect on my trip back to Nashville and is quickly and happily adjusting to life in his new home. I took him for his first Nashville vet appointment this morning and our longtime vet said he couldn’t be happier with the care he had received thus far.

Patti, thank you for your patience regarding my many emails concerning when we would get our puppy. Obviously we’ve been quite anxious to get him.

Martin, I enjoyed meeting you on Saturday and I appreciate you answering all of my many questions. Rowdy, our 2 year old Westie, is shell shocked and also super excited to have a full time playmate! Will send you videos from yesterday morning.

Thanks so much!
Barbara B.

Hi Patti & Martin
Hope that you’re both doing well.  Today is the 2 year anniversary of when we picked out Holly!  It sure was hard to choose between her and her sister but I know that we picked the right one. She is so sweet and has brought a lot of happiness into our lives. We thought that you might want to see a few pictures of her!! Hope that you’re keeping warm- we’re back in Florida which makes Holly very happy!
Take care.
Susie S.

1-26-21 Susi S. 1.jpg
1-26-21 Susi S. 2.jpg

Thank you so much for my new puppy Archie.   We made it home to California safe and sound.  He was a perfect traveler and is really enjoying his new brother Oscar.
Darla K.

Hi Patti,

Steve and I picked up our puppy this morning from Martin. We named him Jonah. He is adorable and likes his big brother, Bentley. So far Bentley seems to like him, too. Martin was not sure which number puppy Jonah was. He had the silver collar. Do you know? We want to thank you so much for our new addition and will send pictures.  All the best to you.

Pam and Steve L.

1-30-21 Pam L..jpg

Piper and Willow (almost 1 year old) and sister, puppies of Wyatt and Tabitha, born Feb 12, 2020.  They are good students of an exceptional trainer, growing up very nicely and loving additions to our home.  Thank you, Westie Whispers!

Alan and Paula M.

2-2-21 Alan & Paula M..jpg

Patti and Martin,

Tulip is such a wonderful addition to our household!  The attached photo was taken this morning, after a morning of play and breakfast, she likes to climb in her brother’s bed for a nap before he goes off to work with my husband (vs the $80 cuddle bed she has …).

Our next door neighbors brought their puppy home two weeks ago, Luna, an 8 week old golden doodle and the two have become fast friends and play together almost daily.

Luna and Tulip start a Puppy Start Right program on the 22nd of this month by NOCO Unleased.  And, she has her first grooming appointment (with her brother) on Monday, I’m nervous about leaving her, but trust my groomer immensely.

Tulip is a spirited, smart and such a joyful pup – she loves people, kids and other friendly pups.  Doing well with potty-training, on the leash and the little training I’ve done with her thus far, she picks up so quickly.

We love her so much, she goes everywhere with me, to my office, grocery, hair stylist and even the nail salon - we have not been apart from each other since Martin put her in my arms!

Thank you Venus and Butler, and to you Patti and Martin!

Jill H.

2-4-21 Jill H..jpg

We adore Kirby already!  Our other Westie is being so sweet with her.  Thank you for this awesome experience!  We enjoyed Martin so much!
Little Kirby is adapting just great!
I just wanted to share a couple of pictures of Kirby.  She’s so sweet and adorable!

Linda B.

2-6-21 Linda B. 2.jpg
2-6-21 Linda B. 1.jpg
2-6-21 Linda B. 3.jpg

Hey Patti and Martin:

Here is a recent (from last night) photo of Biscuit. She loves sleepovers at Kimberly's (my daughter who has 2 Westies).

Mike M.

2-24-21 Mike M..jpg

Jack isn’t too sure what to make of Eli thinking he’s his mommy. They are starting to become friends.
The photos are of Eli's first 24 hours with Jack and myself.

Sheila Anne B.

3-7-21 Sheila Anne B. 5.jpg
3-7-21 Sheila Anne B. 2.jpg
3-7-21 Sheila Anne B. 4.jpg
3-7-21 Sheila Anne B. 3.jpg
3-7-21 Sheila Anne B. 1.jpg


I picked up my "Liberty" from you in 2003 (she was born 7/4/03; hence, Liberty was the perfect name for my feisty friend).  Today I put her to rest.  

She was a wonderful companion, true and faithful.  Libby provided me with much joy over the years, moving in with me in my Aurora, CO home and then relocating to Colorado Springs.  Everyone we met marveled at her beauty and cheerful disposition.  Even within the last year many people remarked that she still looked like a puppy.  

Thank you for your efforts to bring such wonderful companions into so many lives.  

Mary Ann C.

3-8-21 Mary Ann C..jpg

Good Morning!
Thought we would give you an update on our little Bella! She has adapted to us very well. She goes in and out of the doggie door, she’s pretty much potty trained, doing well with walking on the leash, and follows the command to sit! We have her enrolled in Puppy Kindergarten for 6 weeks. All in all we are doing well! Still doing puppy nibbling and gets very excited, but that’s ok!

Thanks for the great start you gave her!

Alan, Beth and Bella S.

We wanted to let you know Sherlock, a.k.a. Male puppy #2, arrived in Phoenix Saturday afternoon. He slept the entire flight.  He is absolutely everything we wanted in a puppy.  In fact, we are convinced that his name was appropriate in that Sherlock is extra curious and can solve many how to escape his gate from the den area!  We will send pictures from sunny Arizona at a later date.

Bonnie S.

I thought you might like to see one of your FABULOUS offspring one decade later.

Bob was an only puppy born on March 14, 2011. Patti’s birthday🥳. Hopefully she looks as good as Bob who is thriving, still “rooooooing” at every one he meets, and adjusting to a new little brother Roy.

Thank you for adding such a wonderful member to our family!

Molly R.

3-16-21 Molly R. 1.jpg
3-16-21 Molly R. 2.jpg

Thank you for another great puppy. She was a tired girl yesterday, but woke up ready to play this morning. Lucy (our 8 year old from Oakley and Casper) really seems to like having her here. She is eating well and getting the idea of going potty outside. So glad to have her!

Denise B.

3-21-21 Denise B..jpg

Thank you so much. Rupert is doing very well. He’s a great little dog.


Alasdair F.

3-26-21 Alasdair F..jpg


We so enjoyed picking up Clementine and conversing with Martin. We covered a lot of subjects and solved a few world problems.

If this photo is any indication, we think Bibi and Clemmy will get along OK.

Thanks again for doing such a good job with this amazing, amusing, lovable breed.

Sharyl & Doug R.

3-28-21 Sharyl & Doug R..JPG

We are home safe & sound after a very long travel day! He was unbelievably  amazing on the planes & in the airport- a dream come true travel companion. Thank you so much again for our little guy, the joy he’s already brought can’t be put into words!

Emily W.

3-29-21 Emily W..jpg

Here are some pics of Macallan, Mac for short, and his best friend, Finn the Pomeranian.  Mac is loving his new home in Bakersfield, CA.  He is just the sweetest, and we love him so much!!💙

Thank you for this blessing!

Lisa O.

3-30-21 Lisa O. 1.jpg
3-30-21 Lisa O. 2.jpg
3-30-21 Lisa O. 3.jpg

Martin and Patti,

We can’t thank you enough for this spectacular day of playing with Tabitha’s and Lando’s perfect puppy litter and picking out our pup to become “Geordy MacKenzie”....   
It’s been a fantastic day today and we’re thrilled with our new puppy!!!

Thank you very much for this experience working with Westie Whispers!


Chris Collier and Diane C.
Highlands Ranch, CO

Patti and Martin.

Just a few pics. It’s like Coopers always been here.  He’s the best!

Thanks again
Liz S.

4-11-21 Liz S. 1.jpg
4-11-21 Liz S. 3.jpg
4-11-21 Liz S. 2.jpg

Patti & Martin,

Here are a couple of pix of Clementine.  She's growing like a weed and she and Bibi have a great time together.

She has learned that she isn't afraid to try anything.  She mastered the dog stairs the 2nd night she was in the motorhome. Surprised us!

She has been a delight and Bibi has been delighted to have a friend.

Doug R.

4-11-21 Doug R. 1.JPG
4-11-21 Doug R. 2.JPG

Just wanted to drop a note and let you know that Toby is a little angel. Literally hasn’t had a single accident inside and is happily sleeping in his crate all night (10:00-6:00). He is so sweet and playful, we love him. Thanks so much for our precious pup 💕

Alyssa E.

4-12-21 Alyssa E..jpg

Hello Patti and Martin,

Percy is adapting well to his new home and we are so delighted with his good nature. Monty is helping a lot with sleeping and potty training. I am amazed how loving 🥰 it has been between these two!. Attached is an amazing photo of my rascals.

Thank you 🙏🏻 for everything...

Fatima F.

4-19-21 Fatima F..jpg

Hello Patti & Martin,

This puppy is a CHAMP!!!.

We’ve been working with him in several areas and you’re right....Westie’s are ***FUN*** to train!!!   Geordy [pronounced Jordy] now knows his name.   He obeys SIT, COME, DOWN, SHAKE [HANDS], and he SITs to get a Toy.    He is progressing on “HEEL” and “STAY” and we’re working on “OFF”, “LEAVE IT”, ‘NO BARK”.  

Every day we put his toys away and re-introduce when he wakes up in the morning or wakes up from a nap(s) -> so that he [eventually] identifies the name of the toy, sits for it (for good manners) and takes it into the Great Room to play.   He sleeps on average 8-9 hours every night.  

He’s consistent on Potty training inside and we’re transitioning him outside with a doorbell.   

He’s met some of the neighborhood dogs in small doses for socialization and he LOVES his pal Brodie (23 lb / 5 year old Westie from Westie Whispers’ -> Sire=Obi-Wan). Brodie has been showing Geordy how fun/easy it is to walk the neighborhood.  

We are TOTALLY in Love with this Puppy!  He’s a handsome lad; super spunky; super confident; super smart!  His personality is thriving!  

We’re grateful we went with Westie Whispers!

Thank you very for all you do to provide amazing Westie pups!

Have a nice weekend!

-Chris & Diane C.
Highlands Ranch, CO

When it's warm, you do whatever you have to do to cool off (95 today).
(That's  the water dish).

Doug R.

5-11-21 Doug R..jpg

Hi Patti and Martin,

I was browsing your Westie Whispers web site today, which I do
periodically, and happily saw that Mattie and Babe's pictures are still
there as part of your "Better in Pairs?" article.

I decided to send a note about my pair, along with a new picture.  Babe
is lying down in the picture.  They are typical sisters whether two or
four legged, I don't think it matters.

They are competitive, sometimes jealous, and always have each other's
back.  Usually, it you see one, the other is close by, and if they don't
see me for a bit, they find me and stay close by with me also.

One of the trainers we had, was concerned they would bond with each
other only and not bond with me.  They did both.  They are delightful,
and so much fun to watch their different personalities at work.

Not many dull moments here.  They love every person they meet, and most
dogs.  We were stopped today, by two teenage girls, during our walk in
the park, who wanted to pet the "puppies".

They couldn't believe they are six...I can't either.

I hope this finds you both well, and hopefully unscathed by the
pandemic.  Once again, thank you for these healthy, happy girls. I am
very happy, with never a moment of regret that I adopted these sisters.

Warm Regards,

Bea D.

6-6-21 Bea D..jpg

I wait for my puppy

like some long for gold

I need my new buddy

before I get old


I miss my dear Riley

day after day

The space in my heart

is so dismal and gray


Spring was so lonely

Summer is too

No pal on my walks

and in the yard too


No tilt of the head

hearing all that I say

No stares all expectant

"Let's be on our way!"


No counting the squirrels

and guarding the yard

No visiting friends

these months are SO hard


I need a new Westie

no other will do

I hope it's not long

Til I'm hearing from you

Cynthia D.

6-7-21 Cynthia D..jpg

We are after the morning squirrel !!!

Abby & Ellie N.

6-15-21 Abby & Ellie N..jpg

Hi Martin and Patti,
Just a short note to say we made it home safely and Digger is adjusting well!

Kevin K.

6-21-21 Kevin K..jpg

Cooper had his first Westie cut. He is gorgeous!   And such a good dog.  Lots of love. Thanks so much.

Liz S.

7-3-21 Liz S. 1.jpg
7-3-21 Liz S. 2.jpg

Three more pix from Percy & Monty.

Fatima F.

7-9-21 Fatima F. 3.jpg
7-9-21 Fatima F. 2.jpg
7-9-21 Fatima F. 1.jpg

Hello Patti and Martin,

Hope you are doing well.   “Geordy MacKenzie” turned 5 months old today and just received his official “Westie Haircut”!    This puppy has been a tremendous gift to us!   Super smart, super confident, super loving, super fun!  He’s been a great addition to our Pack for sure!!!!

The neighbors literally have a dog - drinking fountain!  Geordy loves it!!!  (Ok...sorry to send so many photos).     :) :) :)

We’re grateful to have adopted a puppy from Westie Whispers!

Enjoy your weekend!

Chris & Diane C.
Highlands Ranch, CO

7-9-21 Chris & Diane C. 1.jpg
7-9-21 Chris & Diane C. 2.jpg
7-9-21 Chris & Diane C. 3.jpg
7-9-21 Chris & Diane C. 4.jpg

Hi Patti and Martin,

Martin and I wanted to let you know that we made it safely back to Arizona with little Mia and she is settling in great!

She says thank you so much for taking such good care of her for the first 8 weeks of her life! She’s already lobbying for a sister some day!

Nicole W.

7-12-22 Nicole W. 1.jpg
7-12-22 Nicole W. 2.jpg
7-12-22 Nicole W. 3.jpg

Hi Patti and Martin, here are our two love bugs!!!

Jesset S.

7-16-22 Jesset S. 2.jpg
7-16-22 Jesset S. 3.jpg
7-16-22 Jesset S. 1.jpg

Hello to The Bremmers:
Thought I’d share a pic of Sophie. She’s growing up fast and had her first puppy appt. last Saturday, weighs 6.6 lbs and is full of energy. Daisy loves her little sister — we love her too!!

Ramona C.

7-20-22 Ramona C..jpg

Hi there -

We named our puppy River & she’s doing great!  She loves to play with our lab Meadow & sleep with our old Westie Chloe.  The picture of her alone is at our house in Loveland & the other 2 are at our cabin north of Steamboat Springs.  She loves being outside & follows the others around.  She’s very spunky & keeps up with them.  She has slept 8 hours from night one with minimal whining.   I bought a Snuggle Puppy for the first time to see if it would help at night with adjustment.  It has a beating heart & heating pack.  Not sure if it did, but she has done great at night.  She is doing well with potty outside.  We still have a couple accidents during the day but I work from home & my husband doesn’t go back to school until 8/11 (he’s a school psychologist) so we’ve also been staying on top of it.  All in all she’s one of the best puppies I’ve ever had.  (Other than Meadow who only had 1 accident ever inside but I’ve been told labs are easier to train so…?).  Anyway we love her & she fits in great…always wants to be with the “big” girls.  Thanks so much for all you did early on!

Kim T.

7-31-22 Kim T. 1.jpg
7-31-22 Kim T. 3.jpg
7-31-22 Kim T. 2.jpg

We got home eventually with some stops along the way to relax and walk not just Kasper but Us too !!  Actually really enjoyed our back country drive.
Here are some of my new favorite pictures of Kasper settling in with Moses and Quiggly.
Big Dog just loves him and is so gentle. Quiggly growls at Moses like he owns the puppy and Moses isn’t suppose to even look at him! The three have become quick buds and the “new“ three musketeers!!
Kasper has a great personality and we couldn’t be more pleased.
Thank you so much for all the extra correspondence through the last 6 months ! It is greatly appreciated and I hope you continue what your doing for a long time to come!!

Dawn A.

Note: dinosaur theme collar ! Lol

8-1-22 Dawn A. 3.jpg
8-1-22 Dawn A. 2.jpg
8-1-22 Dawn A. 1.jpg

Sherlock at 7 months at play day at Four Paws. Watermelon icy. He weighs about 14 lbs. When he gets there about once every two weeks, he quickly takes over.
Delightful, stubborn and personable as he should be.

Joe/Bonnie S.

8-4-22 Joe S..jpg

Hello Patti & Martin, 


I hope this finds you both well. I am attaching a few pictures of our precious babies... It has been one year since we picked up our sweet little Minnie (from Luna & Rhett), a most generous and heartfelt gift from you, after losing our sweet Bea. I have thought of you often and want you to know how very special you are, and how much we are enjoying Minnie. She has the sweetest disposition and has been a total joy! She has fit right in with our other two babies, Buddy (from Opal & Nelson) and Emma (from Orchid & Rohan). 


Although she isn't "Minnie" in stature, (she stands taller than the other two), and her personality certainly isn't "Minnie"-- she loves to chase Buddy, climbs all over him, using his back as a step ladder, rolls on the ground playing with Emma, and always has a toy in her mouth, while her tail is wagging a million miles a minute, all the while trying to "talk" to us with her mouth full!! In fact, her tail is always upright and cheerful, just like her personality!!! She has brought us much joy and laughter--we love her so much, and so do Buddy and Emma! 


Thank you again, for this precious bundle of energy! We hope you are well, have fared the pandemic with no major issues, and all the best to you both for the coming year!



Rhonda & Lou C

8-9-22 Rhonda C. 2.jpg
8-9-22 Rhonda C. 3.jpg
8-9-22 Rhonda C. 1.jpg

Photos! Beach Boy and “The three Amigos!! “

Dawn A.

8-11-22 Dawn A. 1.jpg
8-11-22 Dawn A. 2.jpg

Watson is very lucky to have “on demand” puppy play, and I must say, at 11 years old, both Emma and Buddy give Minnie a run for the money! She has certainly brought a lot of entertainment, action and love into our household!!

Rhonda C.

Hope this message finds you all well! Just thought I would share a cute photo! Stella and my parents are visiting us for a few weeks and the pups are having a fabulous time! Hard to believe F&F will be 4yrs old next month! Time has gone so fast!

Much Love,
Tiffany & Carl L.

8-14-22 Tiffany & Carl L..jpg
8-16-22 Tiffany & Carl L..jpg



Attached is a photo of Tulip enjoying a field of fresh cut grass on a hot summer day 😊

She is, by far, the brightest and most joyful fur-baby I’ve even encountered!!

Jill H.

8-16-22 Jill H..jpg

It’s hard to believe, but Riley celebrated his 2nd birthday on September 3rd. His parents are Sabrina and Rouldolf. He is a very healthy and happy puppy. He and I had some one on one training with a very good trainer, and he is a pretty obedient little guy. He still has his share of “Westitude” but we love him to the moon and back and he gives us so much love in return. When we came to your home to pick him up, you asked what we were going to name him, and I said “Riley” because he was going to live the life of Riley at our home, and I want you to know that he does. We wanted you to see what a handsome boy he is.

Judy and Ken S.
Sun City West, AZ

9-6-22 Judy & Ken S..jpg

Kobi... He Is Amazing!!!!

Georgia M.

9-26-22 Georgia M. 1.jpg
9-26-22 Georgia M. 2.jpg


I just wanted to let you all know we are home back in Missoula, MT with our new Westie, Ace. He is settling in well and Kippy, our older Westie is happy to have a new play mate. He is very social and enjoys human contact a lot.

He was a trooper in the carrier both on the drive and on the plane. Pretty much everyone was helpful and understanding with trying to keep him calm. He spit up a few times but I think he was just stressed by everything. I don't blame him. He is eating and drinking just fine. Martin was very helpful with his airport speech and we are so grateful for the welcoming and fun time at Westie House. All the pups looks so happy and healthy. Mom loved the "Westie Crossing" sign outside.

Thank you guys so much again. I hope everything goes wonderfully for you and all of your Westies!

Sincerely, Leah S.

9-26-22 Leah S..jpg

Our 3 year old kiddos. Best decision we ever made.  

David C.

10-8-22 David C. 1.jpg
10-8-22 David C. 2.jpg


This is the smartest dog I've ever known. Simply amazing.

He's delightful. Calm, self-assured, sweet, a little silly. Just wonderful!


Patrick M.

10-9-22 Patric M..jpg
10-9-22 Patrick M. 2.jpg

Just want you to see how beautiful he is.  Just got his Westie grooming. ❤️

Liz S.

10-11-21 Liz S. 1.jpg
10-11-21 Liz S. 3.jpg
10-11-21 Liz S. 2.jpg

I wanted to take a minute and sincerely thank you and your husband for maintaining the high standard you have , in bringing top of the line dogs into this world.  My little Bentley is so smart and loving.  I’m very very happy and pleased.

God Bless you both,

Catherine F.

Hi Martin and Patti,

Just wanted to let you know that our little girl pup Madison is fitting in quite nicely. The flight back to Eugene went smoothly, with her sleeping on my lap almost the entire flight back. She’s adapting very well to the daily routine around here and especially enjoys spending time around Henry, our almost 4 year old male. Henry’s not quite as enamored with her yet, but he’s a very tolerant older brother and pretty much let’s her have her way with things.

Sandy and I are both very happy with the new addition. Thanks so much!

Best regards,

Tom and Sandy S.

10-15-21 Tom & Sandy S..jpg

A couple pix of my new baby, and a video of Tug-O-War.

Rana S.

11-9-21 Rana S. 1.jpg
11-9-21 Rana S. 2.jpg


Our little Sophie’s growing up — 7 months old, 12 lbs, spayed and first grooming last weekend.

Thank you, Patti & Martin! We absolutely love her!!

Ramona C.

11-13-21 Ramona C. 1.jpg
11-13-21 Ramona C. 2.jpg

Hi! Just wanted to share with you how things are going. Sierra is doing great, growing so fast! We mostly all get along now, it took a while for the big 2 to get used to her. I just wonder about the calm part, though!! Hahaha. She really is only calm when she's sleeping!!!


We got this high chair for when our grandson came to visit and Sierra decided that the bottom was her little hammock! She sleeps in it every day. So much for putting away the high chair! 🤣

We love her, she is so adorable.

Lisa B.

11-27-21 Lisa B. 4.jpg
11-27-21 Lisa B. 1.jpg
11-27-21 Lisa B. 3.jpg
11-27-21 Lisa B. 2.jpg

Hi, Patti
I thought you would like to see a picture of Maisie. She is a delightful, smart, loving and  lively little girl. We are blessed.

Thank you very much for ensuring our experience was a good one from start to finish. We are very impressed with your business model, frequent updates and immediate replies to our inquiries. We had total confidence the entire wait time.

Maisie now is fully vaccinated and very healthy. She is a “talker”….she truly tries to talk! And we also have the Westie stubbornness showing up- Mostly on walks, so leash training is ongoing. She likes the walks but she tries to set the pace by constantly putting on the brakes….I have to figure out how to conquer that.

Happy holidays, Patti. Thanks for everything.

Terry, Steve and Maisie Z.

11-28-21 Terry & Steve & Maisie Z..jpg

Hi Patti
I just wanted to send you these 2 pictures of Holly.  She turned 3 on November 30th!  She loves to play in the snow and rub her face on our carpet- that’s why her ears look so staticky!!  Hope all is well with you and hope that you have a very happy holiday season.  We are in Michigan now but probably leaving for Florida after Christmas.  I hope that Holly won’t miss the snow too much!

Take care,

Susie S.

12-2-21 Susi S..jpg

I just wanted to drop you a quick note that our "BAXTER" is growing quickly and is a complete joy.  Great puppy and awesome disposition.  He's smart and learns fast.  Thank you so much.  Thought we'd share a couple photos...his 12 week puppy check was great.

Jeff G.

12-10-21 Jeff G. 2.jpg
12-10-21 Jeff G. 1.jpg

Good morning Patti,
I hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas.  We did, but I think we wore Andrew out.

Have a great new year!

Rick & Candi P.

12-26-21 Rick & Candi P..jpg

After a frightening start where she thought Lorenzo was a T-Rex, here’s where we are this morning:

Mark M.

Semper Paratus

1-5-22 Mark M..jpg
12-28-21 Mark M..jpg
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