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Client Comments - The Early Days
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These comments are from 2010 - 2012.

Hi Patti,

I just wanted to let you know that we LOVE our two new babies. They are absolutely everything I wanted and expected and more! I am so glad that we got two. It has actually made it so much easier because they have each other to play with. Thanks so much for everything. It was so easy and convenient for us. I have given your e-mail out on a couple of occasions.




I hope this picture comes thru. This is Cassie our 7 year old Westie with Maggie on our back porch. They are quite the pair.

We are so glad we got Maggie. We love our girls SO MUCH!

Hope all is well with you.




Just wanted to share some of our early pictures of our new little “Maggie”. We love her to bits. She has adapted to us so well and is definitely spoiled!

Our 6 year old Westie Cassie, isn’t quite sure of her yet, but does enjoy playing with her in the back yard and both of them rolling in the dry grass.

She is becoming potty trained quickly. I think having Cassie around to follow outside to the sound of “lets go potty” has really helped. She still has her occasional accident which is simply us not paying attention to her. She maneuvered our 14 stairs fairly quickly (up at least) and just recently has learned to go down them. Just last week she lost her footing and, to our alarm, tumbled down all of them. Thank goodness she was ok. We then added a temporary gate at the top. She is certainly a quick and smart little girl and keeps Bill and I on our toes. 

We love her so much she is such a sweetie!

Hope all is well on your end and your book is coming along well.

-Pat and Bill, Cassie, Chloe and Maggie



I have already learned that after having many breeds of dogs over the years and showing many other breeds I actually found my 'true dog love' with this puppy. And I always thought terriers weren't my thing - lol. Having learned that, I'm not surprised that you have so many people who want your puppies. You have definitely found a return client in me. I will never again be without one of your westies. He has made my dad so happy. Hamish is absolutely devoted to him & for an elderly person that is so special. It has brought an even brighter light to my Dad's eyes. He even lets him sleep in the bedroom - an unheard of thing when I was a kid growing up! He has a bed next to Dad's chair, (for when he's not in his lap) next to his desk chair in the office and next to his bed. needless to say, they are pretty inseparable. And on top of that, he loves me too. Such a special dog!

Can't wait to see our girl!

Happy New Year!



Hello All!

I adopted a kid from you at the end of 2006 and thought I would send you a few recent photos to show you how wonderful he has turned out to be. He is my best friend and the love of my life. I call him “Wee Man” but named him after his Daddy Winston.

However, I may also be interested in a male puppy from Opal and Oscar’s up-coming litter.

I look forward to hearing from you and cannot thank you enough for bringing Wee Man into my life. He’s still a hit at the barn and EVERYWHERE I go!



Hi Patti,

We just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that we are all head over heels in love with Murphy. He is one of the best dogs we've (I've) ever adopted. He has his total-spaz-out puppy play times, but, for the most part he is a laid back, little fellow. Our vets are very impressed with his behavior and overall demeanor. The one vet recommended that he would make a great therapy dog for one of the nearby senior/memory care facilities. My children and I are planning to work with him and the trainer so that we can begin volunteering when Murphy is 1 year old. Murphy has rapidly advanced through the behavior classes offered at the Boulder Humane Society. We refer to him as our TAG (Talented and Gifted) child, because he was passed through the 2nd grade after just 1 session. He is a smart guy, and very friendly with everyone. He is also relatively quiet and doesn't bark much unless we're all in full-play mode.

I had originally thought he'd make a great companion for my 12 year daughter - he is her good buddy - but, my son and Murphy have truly bonded - it's very sweet. 

I teach 1st grade, and my entire class knows all about Murphy and loves looking at his pictures. We have a neighborhood dog sitter/walker come by once a day to walk him - she is also impressed with his personality.

Thank you a million times - we are truly blessed to have Murphy in our lives. I'm confident he feels the same way.

-Cathy and the rest of the family :)


I just wanted to let you know that we picked up our puppy on Saturday morning and we are just loving him! He is so sweet and well-behaved and adorable.
I am committed to being the best owner possible for him.
Thank you for raising such sweet, quality puppies. It was such a pleasure talking to Martin. He is so knowledgeable. It is evident how much you both put into the puppies. I am sure you are so very proud of them!



As you may recall, we picked up our puppy on September 17th at Cynthia’s in Littleton. He has been with us for almost 1 month. We named him Sonny. He has a wonderful personality and is full of himself. I would say that he has lots of “attitude”. He gets along well with people and is still adjusting to our 2 cats just as they are adjusting to him. My wife and I love him very much and he is attached to us.




We have enjoyed our little Onchu so very much. He has turned into quite a character and is the partner of his own blog. We have taken him on all of our travels across Colorado and has helped us meet many new people. Onchu is quite the people magnet.

Thanks again, 

-Karen and Rob


Hi Patti,

Just a quick email to let you know the pups survived a week in our motor home before arriving in Surprise Arizona. We were hoping for a little cooler temperatures in late September but they were still over 100. It finally starting to cool down now in the mid 80's so the pups really like to be outside. They had their second set of puppy shots and got checked out at our vet. Everything look good. Attached are pictures of the pups.

Thanks for your help during our selection.



Hi Patti,

I thought you might like to see recent pictures of Ray and Mariah. These were taken 4 days ago.



Hi Everyone at Westie Whispers,

Thought you’d like an update on our two wonderful Westies, Einstein and Grace. We adopted our male, Einstein and our neighbors adopted their Westie (littler mates) Gracie in October of 2005 from Westie Whispers. We have a hole in our fence and they are together all the time playing and chasing squirrels and sunning on our decks. They have never known a day when they weren’t in each other’s lives. They turned 6 in August and have brought both of our families no end of laughter, joy and companionship. Nancy and Jeff (grace’s parents), took this amazing picture of our dogs in December 2009 and we thought you’d enjoy it as much as we have. 

Both our families are so grateful to have Einstein and Grace in our lives as they make us laugh and smile everyday.

Thanks again for letting us adopt them!


-Lili,Bill,Justin and Jason (Einstein’s family) and 
-Nancy,Jeff,Emily,Jacob and Abby (Grace’s family)


Dear Patti and Martin,

Keith and I wanted to let you know that we named our puppy Ellie. Thank you for leading us to her and paving the way for her to become part of our family. She definitely found her way into our lives and hearts instantly. Picking her up on Saturday the 10th (9/10/11 - kind of orderly, wouldn’t you say?) was amazing! You have no idea how the hole in my heart was filled immediately (well, Martin probably does, he saw the tears). The memories we have of Maggie will forever be with us – and can’t wait to make new memories with Ellie. Our family circle is complete once again. Some photos of her are below (to add to your ever growing family albums)

–Carol (with a big smile on her face)



I can't believe the change in Baby Girl with her potty habits. She still not sure what the grass is for, but she sure loves to run and play. She is so funny, being to close to the ground anyway, when she runs like she is on crack, I almost pee my pants. She just hated the crate, and I am not sure I like them either, but she is getting use to the Pack and Play we have for her, for when we have to leave the house. Yesterday, she started with playing and then just turn and run to where her paper is and go potty. She changed just in a matter of hours. I think I will just take some of the soiled paper and put it where we want her to go. She is so smart, I think that will work.

I have her in the play pen and today she just fussed a little and now is is a sleep. You are right, they are so smart. She has done great sleeping with us and then waking us up to go potty. She just doesn't want to be alone.

One more thing, and then I will close, my husband Jerry is crazy about dogs, but I have never seen him act like he does with Baby Girl. Half the time he looks at her and cries, because she is so beautiful. He said the other day, if a person hated dogs, they would have to love the Westies.

You have a great day, and have fun with the new puppies.

God Bless 



Hi Patti & Martin,

Everything is fine here with the puppy. It took us about 10 hours to get home on Saturday, we stopped every two hours

for play food drink and potty. She learned how to fetch and drop toy last night when we came home. She is already 

going potty outside all but once today. Smart girl!!!!

Thank you so much




I am writing to tell you what a wonderful dog we have in Diego. He is one of Harrington and Annabelle's pups born in December of last year.

Diego has been such a wonderful addition to our family. He is smart, tenacious, determined and above all loving and FULL of personality.

We live in Boulder in a neighborhood where everyone seems to know Diego. He's just that kind of dog. There isn't a person who can pass by him without smiling. 

Thank you for all that you do. It's obvious that he comes from great parents and caregivers.



Hi Patti,

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know everything is going well with Harley. The crate traing is going real well. He sleeps 8-10 hours at night. The potty traing is coming along. He has an accident every once in awhile but it is usually our fault for not watching him. I have lost 10 pounds which has been good. I would recommend a Westie to anyone who wants to drop a pound or two! He eats really well and has gained a pound and a half in two weeks. Thanks again for a happy and healthy Westie. He sure does love life!



Hi Patti and Martin,

Charlie is 20 weeks old today and we can't imagine life without her. She really is a very sweet Westie. Charlie has completed all her shots and was spayed and micro-chipped last week. We had a little problem with keeping her quiet during recovery because she bounced back so quickly - the day after surgery she wanted to chase Bailey around the house and yard.

I look at your website frequently and check out all the puppy pictures. I think I got the cutest and sweetest puppy - but they are all so cute!

Honestly, Charlie is such a joy. Thank you for such a good, sweet-natured pup. We are lucky to have her.

Hope everything is well with you,


P.S. I have attached a few pictures of Charlie (she was 18 weeks old at the time) at a family gathering.



We have thoroughly enjoyed Mia today. She has been full of energy and has been very spoiled! Thank you for bringing her to us. It was great to meet you and Martin!



Dear Patti, and Martin,

Thank-you so very much for your kindness, and caring hearts...Truly such a precious lovable gift we have received...It's like having the world in our arms...Our puppy Maddy brings us so much joy, and smiles to our faces. We love him dearly. He is so curious, and cannot wait until he starts each day off. So, sweet, with a personality to match! Many Blessings be upon you always, from our home to yours.

-Hila & Roy


Hi Patti and Martin,

Charlie went in for the last of her puppy shots today. She is a healthy 10.3 pounds. In another few weeks she will go to the groomers’ for the first time and then she will be spayed. She enjoys playing with her Westie brother, Bailey, and she hasn’t met a stranger yet. Charlie is a wild and crazy Westie. We still have nightly NASCAR racing in the yard and in the house and stuffed animal parts can be found daily. (With one toy that I have repeatedly sewn back together, I finally just removed the remaining stuffing and sewed what was left of the toy back together. Charlie proudly carries the limp toy around the house. She really does enjoy her toys, no matter what they look like.) 
Charlie is really growing – I’m sad to see her leave puppy hood behind her and becoming an adolescent. Thank you for letting us adopt such a well-tempered, loving puppy. I, like Martin, believe that there was some sort of divine intervention that sent her to us.

Hope all is well with you,



Fergus (picked up on 6/5/09) is doing great! He is a very loving, sweet, healthy, playful, funny, social, smart, and well behaved dog. We're happy Fergus is part of our family ~ he is the "best" dog ever!!

-Charlie & Linda


Dear Patty & Martin

I wanted to send along a few pictures of Tristan. He is absolutely the most wonderful dog that has ever blessed my life. Not only is he a wonderful companion for Robbie (my other Westie from you guys) but he breathed new life into my 14 year old Jack Russell and made him a new dog. He is absolutely perfect in every way. He’s also become quite the swimmer (although he really prefers to float around the pool). 

Thank you again for such a gentle loving spirit. He is the love of my life!



Hi Patti,

Any chance the Spring Photo shoot will be up soon? I'm just curious to see what Kenzie's mother (Ophelia) looked like. I think Kenzie looks like her dad, Trystan, for sure!

Everything is going fine and I adore her to pieces. She is my constant companion and keeps me laughing every day. She is really loving living in the mountains and her favorite thing to do is to sit out on the deck every morning watching the birds, squirrels, chipmunks and deer. Yesterday, she cornered a little chippie in the garage and I couldn't get her inside. I finally put a leash on her and left her out there to worry that little chipmunk until it finally climbed up into the wall and disappeared. Kenzie also enjoys jumping into my bath when I'm soaking and doing the dog paddle. She is now on restriction with that one and has to play with my husband when I take a bath!

I also wanted to let you know that I never let the vet do anything to her teeth. They were pretty persistent and told me that Kenzie probably felt like the uneven tooth was a needle jabbing her mouth whenever she moved her jaw. But, to me, she was not and has not been in any pain whatsoever. I decided that if it was hurting her that much she would stop snapping like a turtle whenever she played with us. I finished out her shots and will be going to another vet after this.

Thanks again for breeding such a wonderful little doggie! Her temperament is winsome, her curiosity insatiable and her love insurmountable!

Take care,



Patti & Martin,

Murphy is making the transition to the house quite easily. He slept most of the drive home to Superior, CO and then had a great play time with all of us. He has been eating and drinking as well as using the yard to do his business. So far, we haven't had any accidents in the house and he has already staked out his potty area in the back yard. He slept through the night last night in his crate, which we keep up in the master bedroom at night. This way he knows we're near by and that he's part of the family - not isolated to the first floor. Eventually, he'll be able to sleep in his own doggie bed in one of the bedrooms.

We all talk a lot in our family and we talk to all of our animals - Murphy has already begun to tilt his head when we talk to him as if he really is processing all that we say to him. He's adorable!

Thank you,



Hi Patti and Martin,I took Charlie to her vet today for the 2nd puppy shot. She is a feisty, happy, healthy, 6 pound Westie puppy who loves to give kisses. With the exception of the first 2 nights, Charlie has slept through the night and wakes and whines about 5 a.m. to go outside. The house has dog toys everywhere, but we love her dearly.I am attaching a photo of her taken yesterday so you can see how she has grown. 

Have a good weekend,



Patti & Martin,Just wanted to let you know that Aly was a first class traveler on our drive from Colorado to Ohio. She was adored by every desk clerk and the patrons at every hotel we stopped at. She went to bed at 9pm, slept until 2am and went potty, then slept again until 7am. When we arrived home and introduced her to Nick, he wanted nothing to do with her, and ignored her for the first week to ten days. Then one day he started playing with her, was having lots of fun chasing her, but abruptly stopped! We think he must have remembered, "hey what am I doing? I don't even like her! But now, they are best friends and he even let's her take his toys.

Here is a picture of them after being groomed. Enjoy, we certainly do!



Omg this dog is hilarious! So playful and silly. Just discovered his tail and is chasing it fervently. Dave gets home tonight and can't wait for him to meet him. Martin, you are right - confident is a great adjective coupled with playful. So far no accidents and slept well. 




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