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What should I feed my Westie?

"What feed do you recommend?" This is question that we get a lot, and you'll find our answer here!


In 2010 after doing  extensive research on "premium" dog food, we switched to Fromm pet food. We have been very happy with the switch to a line of dog food with significantly better quality in their ingredients, and a welcomed absence of corn, wheat and soy.

When you take your puppy home, we highly recommend continuing to feed Fromm Puppy Gold for the first year of life. We feed our adult dogs Fromm Small Breed Adult Gold and encourage our adopters to as well. Fromm Family Pet Food has a variety of nutritionally balanced and quality formulas that we recommend with confi

Its available at premium pet food stores, Amazon and direct from Fromm.


You can order directly from Fromm using this link.

Their shipping is a $5.00 flat rate for anything below $50.00 and free shipping if more than $50.00.














Should you wish to change foods, make sure to thoroughly learn about the different options available and research the companies. Have you heard the saying "you are what you eat"? The same goes for your doggo! Many health issues (including allergies!) are linked to food. In the past, agents such as  pentobarbital (a euthanasia drug), lead, aflatoxin B1 (as carcinogen) and melamine (an industrial chemical that has caused kidney failure in dogs and cats) have been found in pet food. And that's just the beginning; an internet search of "the shocking truth about dogfood" will open your eyes to what's out there and, more likely than not, convince you to spend a few extra dollars on quality food for your pet.

DogFoodAdvisor is a great resource.

When transitioning your dog from one food to another, we recommend mixing it with a ratio of 25% new to 75% old for at least three days, 50% new to 50% old for the next three day, and 75% new to 25% old for the final three days. If you feel that your pet needs more time between adjustments, feel free to add a day or two, and you should expect the process to take around two weeks.


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