Meet our family

40 Years of Experience...

Patti has been raising and training dogs since 1973, competing in both breed and obedience trials.  She taught dog obedience classes as well as private instruction for a number of years, including training dogs for the police department.


          Patti is also an author of 15 books:


Elusive Clue Mystery series under the name of Patricia A. Bremmer


A thriller, CORNSTALKED,  under the name Patricia Bremmer


Children's mysterious adventures under the name P.A. Bremmer


 The Christmas Westie picture book for young and old alike by Patricia A. Bremmer


for books  or for laughs

Martin  is outstanding with his care of pregnant moms during their labor and delivery.  He checks them every two hours around the clock from five days before their due date until delivery.  He sleeps on a cot next to them so he will be ready for the first signs of labor.  Whelping may take four to twelve hours.  He is right there reassuring the moms and doing all the necessary paw holding.  Martin does all the vaccinations and lab work as well as dew claw removal. 

Cynthia has been placing puppies in private homes for us since 1996.  She has over twenty years of experience with dogs.  She is a wealth of information for the new puppy's adopted family.  She helps them through the first days of training, feeding and being away from their littermates.  She has been a blessed asset to our kennel.  

     Cynthia and her husband Eric are licensed in the State of Colorado as a foster parents and also licensed to foster our puppies as she places them with their new families.