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Client Comments and Updates - 2014

"Robbie just got his first grooming. He looks so grown up!"

- Sara M.

"Thanks for all that you folks do to raise such quality and loving Westies!  We love our new little guy that we picked up in October.  Enclosing a picture of Kipper!  He is doing great with training and he & we love everything about his new life in our home. Also, he is a real star out and about in our area!"

- Kerry & Lynn S.

"Hi Patti and Martin,
I wanted to let you know that our Westie, Wilson (son of Trystan and Amber), who we got from you 8 years ago is doing well.  We just LOVE this dog.  He is such a dream dog.  I can't tell you how many people we have referred to you guys.  Several in our neighborhood have bought dogs from you. We love our Westie and will make sure to get another one from you someday..."

- Tina H.

"Hi Patti and Martin!

Just thought I would let you know that our Tucker (son of Isha and Orson) has adjusted well to our home! He is an absolute joy and I am so happy to finally have the Westie I've always wanted! Here is Tucker saying hello!  Thanks again for my wonderful pup!"


-Debbie S.

"I just wanted to send a quick note thanking you for the best Christmas present two years ago.  This is Ghost with our son.  When we got Ghost, our son could only say 20 words, as he has a speech disorder known as Apraxia.  After numerous suggestions from multiple therapists to get a dog, my husband and I finally agreed to try.  After 2 years the boys are best of friends and our son is speaking like any other 6 year old.  Thanks so much for a wonderful addition to our family. "

- K. S.

"Hi Patti and Martin,

I thought you would enjoy these pictures of my Christmas Westie, Max! You cannot even imagine how much I love this little guy! And he is the best puppy! He is getting along great with his big brother, Duke! Thank you for raising such a wonderful little guy! Happy New Year!"


- Linda F.

"Can't tell you how much we all are enjoying Robbie. He's a character and he's made such a difference in Stella's life, she has come back to life and he wears her out. Thanks so much for a wonderful puppy!"

- Sara M.

"I have a beautiful, almost 4 years old, (fur-baby) son named Caspian, he is amazing and wonderful! Thank you so much! He is the light of our hearts, his parents are Octavia and Trystan. Please find attached some pictures of him (the first one is walking in Central Park). Thank you very much!"

-Karen A.

"We LOVE Willie oh so much. He has brought a lot of laughs and love into our house. I can't imagine life without him. He's very smart and seems to love being with us. Thank you for all of your help along the way, he is a true joy!"

-Lena W.

"We made it home safe and sound with "Polar."  He is doing well and lots of fun for our family!  Take care and thank you both again for everything."

- Milinda M.

Hi Patti,

The trip went beautifully. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect experience. This puppy was amazing. He did not whine. He didn't cry. He had zero accidents, and he won a smile from every traveler that saw him. I believe that Mouser made the world a better place yesterday. The stress
level at the airports and on board the plane we were on was barely detectable. I suppose a case could be made that this was my perception, but I surprised myself with the feeling of calm that possessed me....or the calm that I possessed.  For me, it was a home run....for the team."

- Arthur A.

"The Mouser is a pretty wonderful puppy. He has a very mighty will, and that
"no small self esteem" that define Westies.  Sometimes, he is as bad as he
is cute...and he is extremely cute. He thinks he is competing for Alpha Dog
position around here. And he may be cuter than me, but I can still out-stare
him. He now does the following on demand: sit, up, down, sit stay, down stay, and friends."

- Arthur A.

"We wanted to send you a picture of Wylie (Arianna and Finn's litter) who is now 3 months old.  He and our 3 year old Quinn play endlessly.  Wylie learns quickly and has fit into the family effortlessly. Thank you!"


-Bob and Marilyn v.M.

"Hi Patti and Martin! 

I just wanted to update you on our sweet girl, Daisy!  We could not be happier!  She is smart,  sweet, and SO adorable!  Big brother McDuff loved her instantly.  The two are inseparable!  Here are a few pics of our happy family!"


-Jackie R.

Gary B. sent us this photo with the caption, "Angus likes golf coverage".

A picture of Bella (Ambrea and Cooper's litter)

"Dear Westie Whispers,
I adopted Max from Crystal and Obi Wan's litter.
Thought I would send a picture of his first haircut! I was loving the shaggy
look but it was time for his first visit to the groomer! He didn't like it
much but he came out looking like a grown up little man!! Max is very happy!
His favorite activities include chasing flies and moths, playing fetch,
learning new tricks, sleeping, and spending time with our family. He has
been a great addition and everyone who meets him falls in love! Max
completed puppy kindergarten last week and will start the advanced class
next month! Thanks again!"

- Jen L.

Little pup Maizie wrote us this letter with the help of her fantastic parents Don and Pepper M.:

"Hi Martin and Patti,
Here I am at the lake with Don and Pepper.  This is my first stay, and I am
having a great time.  Pretty much have my house-training down, and I love
exploring outside...with supervision, of course.  Summer will mean sailing,
but don't worry...I have a great pink life jacket for emergencies.  I have
lost one baby tooth, probably in one of the chewy treats I get for being a
good girl.


"Thank you for such a smart and fun family member. Tessa is our Dogher
(Daughter) and we love her deeply."

- Margee H.

"We just love our little Monty aka Montgomery Winston Wellington.  He loves joining me on the yoga mat.  He also loves his chew toys and playing fetch with tennis balls.  He is so loving and has a wonderful disposition. The kids just adore him& shower him with love."

- The Anderson Family

"I just wanted to share this great encounter. My Westie, Wilburt, just turned one in February. We were at the dog park and ran into this 4 month old, Sven. Come to find out, they have the same mom (Isabelle) from Westie Whispers. SOOOOO adorable!"

- Alison S.

"Bob is now almost 3... Guess he'll be 21 in dog years. Uh oh!"


- Molly R.


 Patti...I just wanted to tell you how much we have enjoyed our Westie
girl, Maisie. She will be 13 in March...She was from a litter of Sebastian and Angelique ...We have just loved her so much. As I was just walking her through our neighborhood on this beautiful day, I thought of you. Maisie is so good-natured... We are so thankful for you."

- Katie K.

"A Westie fluffball. A picture of all of our boys after 2 weeks. Guess they are getting to be "buds" together."


- Patti and Larry B. 

"Dear Martin and Patti,

These last almost eight months have been super busy with training and travel with my little Brodie. He's grown so much and his "westitude" is coming in at full force now. He LOVES to play in the snow and run around with his BFF George. You know there have been hundreds of pictures, and I'm just going to share a couple of them with you. Brodie found his "cousin" Paddy who we think has the same dad (they could be BROTHERS). He's made friends with some of the cutest Boston Terriers around. Even the neighbors love him and give him gifts like winter coats. Everywhere he goes people can't help but love him. At his first haircut, picture below, the groomer said he was the most well behaved puppy/Westie she had ever worked with. And she used to breed and show Westies for a living. Thank you for helping me get such a great friend. You guys were the best from the time I put my deposit down to the moment you put little Brodie in my arms. He may have been a "last pick", but he has become first pick in my heart. My most sincere thanks."


- Danielle S.

"Dear Patti and Martin,

We are elated with our "boys".  We laugh often and are amazed at how smart they are. They were puppy pad trained within 2 days, and they know how to "sit". They love being outside and are becoming so brave. We thought you would enjoy this picture. Thanks again!"


- Drew & Martha H.  

"I thought you'd like to see Bella is doing well in S.C. She is trying to figure out the winter here as are we. We aren't use to the snow and we have had 2 this year. This week the storm is coming in 3 waves over 3 days and is ending tomorrow. This picture is from the January snow. As of dusk, I have a 12 inch drift on the deck and 5 on the ground. She is doing great and enjoying life. Thanks for a great puppy and adoption experience!"

- Lisa J.

"Hi Patricia,

I just want to send you a quick note to tell you how much we are loving Hugo, our puppy that we brought home in September. He is so well behaved and mannered, we are simply in love with him. He is a dream come true. He has been fun and easy to train and steps on a bell to go outside."

- Aubree B.

"Winston was born in January to Oscar and Pearl.  He is growing like a weed and is happy and healthy.  He is keeping Bonnie (who is 13 and came from your kennel) and Lily (our 8 year old rescue) busy and entertained. They
were all great on our recent road trip through Arizona to San Diego. Winston is smart, loving and eager to please. The vet says that he will be a big boy. Thanks for helping us with this wonderful addition to our family!"

- Harry, Bette, Bonnie Blue Butler, Lily Bell, and Winston Wolf W.

"Hi Patti,

We are so in love with our little "Hank" that we picked up on Saturday. He has been such a joy and is the SMARTEST puppy ever. It was so nice getting to meet and talk with Martin and Cynthia. The entire process was amazing! 

Thank you again for all your help."


-Brad C.

"Hi Patti- We enjoyed meeting Martin last Saturday when picking up our puppy. He had asked about a name and we hadn't quite decided but wanted to let you know it's Gabby. We are enjoying Sydney's little girl SO much...what a pistol. She is very full of life! Also, we have a golden retriever who she loves!"

- Cece S.

"Hi! I purchased a girl Westie out of the Ambrea and Cooper litter that was born on 6/27/14. My Bella has just been a blessing in my life. She is a very healthy girl. She is very friendly, but the oddest thing is her barking behavior or lack thereof. She actually only barks when something is really bothering her! Thanks!"

-Joy F.


We are very happy with our new baby westie thanks to you, Arianna & Finn. After 6 days she is almost house broke. We love our little girl. Abby is our third westie. Thanks again, she is wonderful!"


-Dennis & Linda Y.

"Hello Westie Whispers!
We are thrilled with the puppy that we adopted from you two years ago.  Elizabeth Pippa (Izzy) is a happy, healthy westie and we are so happy to have her with us... "

-Diane K.

"Hi Westie Whispers:

We bought a westie (Molly) from you  four years ago. Thank you for allowing my family to receive such an adorable and fun-loving dog. Molly follows us everywhere we go. She is so loving."

- Jack Q.

"We picked up Lucy in April. She has turned out to be a darling pet. She is completely potty trained and very loving.  She loves our grandchildren and loves to go to our daughter's house to play with her two yellow labs.  She loves her toys.  She minds very well and is just a perfect pet. Thanks for sharing her with us."


-Jim and Jane M.


I spent an entire weekend in the mountains with the most adorable dog ever. Maddy's owner, Margo M., told me that she came from Westie Whispers.  Margo's son Craig and her daughter Cary also got their Westies from you.

I was walking in the park last week and came upon another adorable Westie and stopped. When I asked where he came from: Westie Whispers!  And then 15 minutes of conversation about what a wonderful dog he is.  As I believe in signs, I would like to pursue adopting a puppy from you!"

- Jennifer B.

"Hi Patti!
Wanted to let you know we are really enjoying our new fur baby 'Abby'!  
Abby and our 4yr old Westie (Bella), are getting along great!  Abby has followed her lead in learning how to walk on a leash and also how to walk along the top of the sofa like a cat!  She cries to get up on top of the sofa!  She is a scrappy puppy!
Just wanted to give you an update!"


- Rebecca M.

"We purchased two puppies from you about two years ago. Doc & Kit will be two on June 23rd. The parents were Odessa & Orson. They're little cutie pies. They love to watch TV, actually they are driving us crazy because they bark at everything on the TV. Cody & Wyatt could care less about the TV. When we first came home with the puppies Cody spent 3 days under the dining room table. He wouldn't go out in the yard if they were outside. Now they play together all the time. We love all four of them."

- Joyce H.

"Hi Patti and Martin,

It has been a week and a day since we picked up Jesse.  She is such a beauty.  She is adapting well and the Vet said she appears to be in good health after he gave her the puppy exam.  Everyone thinks she is so very cute.  I'm sure you have heard that many times before.

Jesse is very spunky and likes to play with our 10 month old rescue dog, Ginger, who is a Cairn Terrier mix.  Ginger is very sweet and mellow.  When the two puppies play they sometimes get carried away and I have to step in to calm them down a bit.  Just like refereeing a pair of 3 year old toddlers. Very fun to watch.  They seem to like each other and enjoy each other's company, although, Ginger, after the first day seem to say with a look to me, when is she going to leave!  Now, she appears to have accepted her wholeheartedly.

Thanks for allowing us to adopt this wonderful puppy."

-Kathy L.  

"Here is my happy little girl!  She has been such a sweetie!"

-Kayla D. 

"Dear friends, 

At mother's day this year, we were wondering about Barkley's parents, and enjoyed looking up the records from when we received him from you.  

When Barkley was born he was called Solo since he was from a single pup litter, and his parents were Harrington and Augustine.  

Attached you will find a photo of Barkley now.  He turned 6 in March of this year.   He has been a most wonderful family pet.  He integrated well with everyone in our home (2 adults and 2 kids).  Even though he sticks closest to me, he plays and enjoys time with everyone.  He is a happy dog, playing ball and chasing squirrels around the back yard.  

When the girls leave for school, Barkley assumes his place in our living room on his "throne" where he stays mostly in this pose watching out the front window. 

We couldn't be more pleased with our pet, and we're grateful for your role in bringing him to our home.  We all hope Harrington and Augustine are doing well these days."

- Dudley C.

"Just wanted to tell you we are in love with this puppy (Robbie). He is so adorable and so good, really amazing on house training. "


- Sara M.

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