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Client Comments and Updates - 2022

Hi Patti & Martin!

We picked up our pup Murphy from you near the end of March 2021. Since then we have had no shortage of joy in our house. Murphy was the most well-tempered, well-behaved 8 week old puppy either of us had ever met, and it was evident to us that Westie Whispers is the best of the best. Murphy was potty trained fairly quickly and though it was very chilly in the middle of Alaska during April, he was excited about the remaining snow! We took a trip to Florida for the summer and it was so fun to watch him learn to swim, meet other dogs and run free chasing squirrels in the yard. He also loved to sit and watch the birds- which we thought was particularly precious. He’s learned amazing tricks - sit, stay, come, “crate” and most invaluably “leave it” showing amazing self control when food or other items drop on the ground. He’s also learned to give us his paw and will offer it unprompted if he sees we have a treat for him. So cute! We came back home to Alaska and in October we welcomed our first child. Not surprisingly, Murphy is amazing around the baby! He loves to snuggle up next to him and has even brought him his toys on many occasions- I cannot wait to see them grow up together. He’s almost one year old now, and he is such a perfect family pet. We are so grateful for him! Thank you for all you do!

-The Emily W. Family

1-8-22 Emily W. 6.jpg
1-8-22 Emily W. 1.jpg
1-8-22 Emily W. 4.jpg
1-8-22 Emily W. 3.jpg
1-8-22 Emily W. 2.jpg
1-8-22 Emily W. 5.jpg

Eli on his 1st birthday
Eli with Jack (8) - Eli is on the right with the jacket.

Sheila B.

1-9-22 Sheila B. 1.jpg
1-9-22 Sheila B. 2.jpg

Dear Patti and Martin,

Thank you so much for our little Mac (son of Tinsel and Butler—born Jan. 14, 2021).  Today is his birthday, which we will be celebrating later with some special treats.  Mac is such a special Westie.  He loves to play and go on adventures with his big brother, Finn, fetch the tennis ball, chew on sticks, and most of all—snuggle with all of us.  We are so grateful!!

Best. Dog. Ever.

Blessings for a Wonderful New Year,

Lisa O.
Bakersfield, CA

1-14-22 Lisa O. 1.jpg

Milo is doing well. He’s such a cutie. And he’s starting to understand “hurry up” Milo, going outside.

The vet says he’s healthy.

Thank you!

Meredith G. N.

1-14-22 Meredith G. N. 3.jpg
1-14-22 Meredith G. N. 2.jpg
1-14-22 Meredith G. N. 1.jpg

Dear Patti,
Happy new year!  Mayhem is doing fantastic and will be 8 months old in the next couple weeks! I wanted to check what your wait list time is for puppies. We definitely want to get a boy for Mayhem to play with (she looooves playing with other dogs!) but wanted to strategize on timing so we make sure she’s through her adolescent phase but not too old to want to play!   Here’s a photo of Mayhem as a pup and a photo over the holidays of her playing with Jason’s parents’ 75 pound poodle!

Breelyn W., MD

1-15-22 Breelyn W. 2.jpg
1-15-22 Breelyn W. 1.jpg

Find the dog in the picture! 😉

He's one of a kind!

Giotto happy and healthy. A real treasure!


Patrick M.

1-25-22 Patrick M..jpg

Wanted to send another picture of Holly!

Michael S.

1-26-22 Michael S..jpg

Making friends everywhere she goes!


I want to give you an update on Lucie Loo who I adopted from you in 2017.

Her birthday is 3/29/17.

We lived in Denver until 2018 them moved to Connecticut.

She is having a blast and is so popular here.

Missy A.

1-28-22 Missy A..jpg

Alder on the way home to Fort Collins. Here are some pictures of big sis Willow.

Have a great day!

Lesley W.

1-29-22 Lesley W. 2.jpg
1-29 Lesley W. 1.jpg
1-29-22 Lesley W. 3.jpg

Hi Patti and Martin,

A year ago today my husband and I took home our 8 week old furbaby, Jonah, puppy #3 of four males from Lando and Jasmine's litter. (He also is related to our beloved, Bentley from Abby and Sebastian's 2005 litter).  Although they look very much alike, our "Jojo" is all terrier! (Bentley was a bit more subdued). His favorite place to be is outside basking in the sun or romping in the snow. He loves to watch TV, play fetch and tug and has a sweet and playful personality.  He has enriched our lives immeasurably and we want to thank you.

With gladness, hoping you are all well,

Pam L.

1-30-22 Pam L. 2.jpg
1-30-22 Pam L. 1.jpg

I just wanted to give you a quick update that sweet little Dobby (Mr Orange 😊) made it back to Phoenix and was a perfect little traveler. He's been such a sweet boy and we're having so much fun with him!

Thank you!

Sara G.


Happy New Year and I hope y'all had a great holiday season. Ace is doing great with us. Kippy adores him and I know he loves getting her attention. He is allowed to free roam just in my room but he has more than doubled his weight since we brought him home. He has been to the groomer a few times and our groomer says he does very well. He is still very bitey but we are working on that. He sleeps through the night in the crate which I got one much bigger than when he started.

He loves to have cuddly toys and constantly picks up small plush to fit in his mouth. Every time he has one, he tried to give us kisses and cannot understand why he can't give us kisses. It's quite funny. He did some puppy training and while he was scared by other dogs and people, he is now doing much better. No tail tuck or barking constantly. If he can see it, he will watch. Some sounds are still scary but we will continue to work on it-like the printer.

Thank you again and I hope you and your family and Westies all have a wonderful year.


Leah S.

2-7-22 Leah S. 2.jpg
2-7-22 Leah S. 3.jpg
2-7-22 Leah S. 1.jpg
2-7-22 Leah S. 5.jpg
2-7-22 Leah S. 6.jpg
2-7-22 Leah S. 4.jpg

I don’t think I’ll get a better pic than this.  They are inseparable.

Mark M.

Semper Paratus

2-7-22 Mark M..jpg

We are so grateful for this little Pup!   He’s been a terrific addition to our family!   
Thank you very much Patti and Martin!!!   Geordy is a gem!!!

[Tabitha and Lando Litter Feb 9th, 2021]

- Chris and Diane C.

2-9-22 Chris C. 1.jpg
2-9-22 Chris C. 3.jpg
2-9-22 Chris C. 2.jpg

Winnie has a great night last night. She slept until 5:15 am, asked very politely to go potty and then did her business and went back to sleep until 8. This morning she’s a little more playful.

I wanted to share a photo as well.

Thank you so much for being such wonderful caretakers. We love our girl!

Kellie E.

3-6-22 Kellie E..jpg

Hi Martin and Patti,

We made it home safely after a delayed flight yesterday.  Ralphie was a trooper and a great traveler. Now he is getting to know his new home.  We love him so much!! 💙💙💙

Scarlett S.

3-7-22 Scarlett S. 1.jpg
3-7-22 Scarlett S. 2.jpg

Good morning, Patti and Martin,

Just wanted to check in with you all.  Ellie is doing great!  She is a little fireball and loves rolling around and playing with her cousin Gronkowski.  She is just about fully potty trained so that's really nice.  She's going to meet my parents this weekend and I know they're going to fall in love with her instantly.  Thank you both so much!

-Erika & Ellie Z.

3-8-22 Erika Z. 2.jpg
3-8-22 Erika Z. 4.jpg
3-8-22 Erika Z. 3.jpg
3-8-22 Erika Z. 1.jpg
3-8-22 Erika Z. 5.jpg
3-8-22 Erika Z. 6.jpg

Hi Patti,

I'm enclosing a picture of Bentley on the 2nd day here.  I just wanted to say thank you and I will be sending pictures of Bentley as he grows up.  It was nice meeting Martin on puppy day, he was very helpful.

Again, thank you

Donna J.

Update on Bentley:  He loves being outside and he gets mad when he has to come in.  He does have a mind of his own and he isn't afraid of anything.  His brother, Cooper is finally getting use to him.  They chase each other around the back yard and in the house. Sometimes, Cooper gets mad at Bentley for biting his tail (that is the only way Bentley could get Cooper's attention) and the race is on.

Donna J.

4-5-22 Donna J. 2.jpg
4-5-22 Donna J. 3.jpg
3-9-22 Donna J. 1.jpg

Hi Patti and Martin,

Just wanted to drop a quick line to say hello from Buttons, who we’ve had the joy and pleasure to welcome into our family. Since we picked her up on Feb 5th she’s warmed everyone’s hearts and is a wonderful puppy and companion; she’s so very smart, happy, playful and easily has become close with everyone including her other ‘partner in crime’ (both behaving well in the pic below). She’s grown so quickly it hardly seems like it was just 2 months ago she came home with us! I wanted to thank you both for all the wonderful communication, for puppy day, and of course for Buttons. She was well worth the wait!!
I promised Martin pictures too :-)

Thank you again,

Kirsten & Buttons Herring

4-6-22 Erin H. 2.jpg
4-6-22 Erin H. 3.jpg
4-6-22 Erin H. 1.jpg

This is Libby whose parents were Winnie and Kava back in 2015. She was born 9/11/2015 and she will be 7 this fall. We love her

Jon C.

4-13-22 Jon C. 1.jpg

Hi Patti,

Here is a pic of Oliver (11 months) left and Lincoln (4 years) right. They are both loves!

-Jesset S.

4-25-22 Jesset S. 1.jpg

I love him so much

-Georgia M.

5-6-22 Georgia M. 1.jpg

When we picked up Snoball last July 10th we had no idea what a wonderful puppy & experience we would have in our home. Today May 14th she turns a year old & is almost 15 pounds of pure energy. She is very smart & lovable.


-Phyllis A.

5-14-22 Phyllis A. 1.jpg

Hi there,

I just wanted you to know that Rudy (puppy #2) is doing great. He is an amazing, bright, happy and healthy little guy and we love him beyond words. Thank you for making his journey to us so easy and pleasant.

Deborah H.

In Memorium

I am crushed and devastated to report the loss of my dearest Winston II. On August 9th, 2022 and just shy of his 17th birthday, (yes..17), I had to make the decision to let him go in God's arms. I had a wonderful team come to my home so that my "Little Man" was able to pass in my loving arms among our beautiful garden.
Winston II was the very last pup, out of the very last litter, by Westie Whisper's original Winston.
He had a wonderful life traveling with the horses and me. He also raised 3 Golden Retrievers, two of which are grieving with me now.

I will miss him every day.

Thank you Westie Whispers for the best Christmas gift I will have ever to received.

Kind regards,

Kathryn M. and Wee Man

8-11-22 Kathy M. 1.jpg

Thought you’d like to see how beautiful Cooper looks at one year. He’s the best dog!



Elizabeth S.

4-3-22 Elizabeth S. 1.jpg
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