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1.  Fill out our application on our website.

2. After your application is approved, use our website to place a $100 refundable deposit

3.  Pick the litter and gender you prefer or have your name added to the next available boy or girl waiting list.

4. You'll receive a puppy packet, in the mail, with a map to the house in Brighton, CO & a puppy care manual.

5. When the puppies are 1 week old, their photos are posted to the website.

6.  At 6 weeks new photos are posted to the website.

7.  3 weeks before your Puppy Day (the day you pick up your puppy), your appointment time will be set.

8.  After your schedule is set, make your travel arrangements to Brighton, CO. (Denver)

9.  Your balance by credit card will be due 10-14 days prior to Puppy Day or pay with cash on Puppy Day.

10. Puppy Day!  Come meet your puppy, sign papers, and take your new family member home.

If unforeseen circumstances cause you to miss your time slot on Puppy Day, you will forfeit your spot in the pick order.  Others may be scheduled to choose their puppy after you and we cannot, at the last minute, reschedule an entire litter.  This is a courtesy to the other clients who may or may not be traveling to pick up their puppy.  We will make every attempt to squeeze you in around the others but it may not always be possible and you may be last pick of the day.

During the ongoing Covid-19 awareness, we ask that you limit the number of people coming into the house to choose the puppy.  We will have appropriate sanitation practices in use.  Many of our clients are high risk. Please be respectful and help us protect them.  They may be choosing their puppy after you. Martin will be wearing a mask at your request. He will sanitize between clients.  He is also fully vaccinated and boosted.


We ask that you:


Use hand sanitizer before entering and no handshaking.

Wear a mask at your discretion. If you choose to wear a mask Martin will wear his.

If necessary we are happy to bring your puppy out to your vehicle.


Thank you for helping us make Puppy Day safe for everyone!

WW Mask Web.jpg


Puppy Day is an experience to puppies, new friends, and lots of selfies!  
Families arrive at their appointed time to our home in Brighton, CO.  We schedule one boy and one girl to meet their families at the same time.  
For our Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas City clients we can meet you after the regularly scheduled Puppy Day in Ogallala, NE if you are driving or if "flying private" (Searle Field - OGA).


That way each family has their alone time with the gender they choose.  The day begins at 10am and continues until the last family leaves with their puppy.  We ask that you please respect other clients’ timeslots by not arriving early.

Families and puppies interact…lots of playing with puppies, laughter, and tears of joy.  Some families choose their puppies quickly, others linger over the decision because all the puppies can be so similar.  If paying by cash you will pay while signing your paperwork.  Along with the puppy, you will sign your purchase agreement for our records.  You will receive your AKC papers, a copy of the purchase agreement, a Westie Whisper’s leash in either pink or blue, two 3oz samples of Fromm Puppy Gold food, and one can of Fromm Chicken Pate for comfort food at their new home if needed.  

Local families drive to the house in Brighton, CO.  Flying families rent cars or take an Uber or Lyft from the airport. 

For insurance reasons and health concerns for the puppies, we ask that family pets do not come along or remain in the vehicle if they do accompany their family.  

Often families bring a friend or another family member along for the experience. 

*If you're flying in for Puppy Day and would like some tips, check out our Traveling to Denver page and Flying with a Puppy page.

Brighton House Web.jpg

Below is our house in Brighton, CO where Puppy Day occurs.

Over the years our new clients have asked "What is Puppy Day like?" so we will add photos as they become available.

2-4-23 Puppy Day 1 Web.jpg
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