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Client Comments and Updates -  2013

"Hi Patti and Martin,

Yesterday morning we picked up our Westie puppy from Cynthia.  I told her to save the best one for us even though we had last pick.  Well, she did. 

We drove from Cynthia’s house to ours in Arizona the same day.  My husband drove and Sambuca and I sat in the back seat.  He ate and played and “talked” a great deal and slept. What a trooper! Of course, then, after 13 hours on the road, he ate, drank and played.  Pure puppy-inquisitive and fast.

We took a few pictures that evening of the best puppy in the litter.  Thank you."  


- Patti B.

"Hi Patricia, remember me? It's me, Nucky. Hope your'e doing well."

- Nucky (sent to us by Donna T.)

"What a lover! We are all so fortunate to have Daisy (right). Thanks again."

- Terry

"IN LOVE WITH HER!  She is adjusting to her new home very well and is such a great dog!  Thought I would update you with this picture because I am pretty sure it could be in a magazine it is so cute!  I will send more pictures, but I will try not to overflow your mailbox!"



"Hi Patti

I have been wanting to write for a long time but time just flew by and we all seem to be very busy nowadays.  

I dont know if you can recall all the times we change the dates to get a puppy, first because we were in Panama, then it was just bad timing, etc and then finally in July  2012 I went with my husband to pick our puppy.  It was a great surprise for the kids, they were soooo happy.

Let me tell you that all that wait and change has paid off.  Beto is something else!  We moved to Puerto Rico in Sept 2012 and he had to spend a month at the Petsmart hotel while we waited for our place to live.  It was heartbreaking but we made sure to visit him and the people there adored him.  He was their baby.  Sometimes I take him if we go on a trip and everyone is so happy to see him again and he is so adorable with everyone.

He is really a great dog, we just love him.  He loves his toys but I have not been able to find one that lasts long because he destroys them! It is so funny how he manages to pull all of the stuffing out.  

Everywhere I go people ask me what kind of dog he is because he is really beautiful... I am sure that everyone thinks that their dog is the prettiest just as we think that of our own kids haha.

He loves going in the car everyday when I take the kids to school and loves the beach... I mean who doesn't?

I have attached some photos since he was puppy when we were in Colorado up to a few days ago here in San Juan.

Thanks so much for everything." 


- Cristina C.

"Hi Patti, 

I thought I'd share a couple of pics with you of our sweet Basil.  She's been so awesome and is such a joy to have in our lives.  We are working with her on not chewing on her pee pads!  :)"

-Lisa V. 

"Still loving my Westie Whispers boy 7 years later! He should be on TV!"

- Kathy M.

"Here is Howie's 3 month photo.  He is a great, fun guy.  Loves to hang out w/his big sister Sky....who is basically rasing him.  We just help out.  He has his morning potty routine down and we are working on the rest of the day.  He is now out of his playpen, stays in his crate when we are out.  Loves his evening chicken w/his big sister and "hiding" under our bed...or so he thinks. Thanks for the great puppy!"

- Lorraine H.

"Hi Patti,
She is so adorable! I love her so much! Thank you very much, Patti and Martin!"

- Cindy T.

Thought you might like to see our Nessie girl at nearly four months old.
She is so cute - we love her so much!"

- Teddi S.

"Hi Patricia,
Just wanted to share a photo of my Nucky boy (after his first haircut)! He's still awesome!"

-Donna T.

"Patti and Martin,

I wanted to write a note to you to let you know that Tavish (picked up August 2012) is doing great.  He has grown up to be quite a spirited, funny and intelligent little guy.  We are so happy with him and he gets along with our other Westie, Brigit, perfectly.  He just got back from a two week camping trip to the mountains of Wyoming and was actually a little sad to get back in the house.  He turned out to be quite the kayak dog.  I am sending you a picture of him riding on the front of my kayak in Brooks Lake, Wyoming.  He happened to be in it with me when a mother grizzly bear and her cub walked along the shore.  His ears were straight up and he stared but didn't make a sound.  I think he was scared to death but did great.  Hope you enjoy the picture.  Brigit is doing very well at 10 years of age but when her time comes you will probably be seeing us once again.  What wonderful little dogs they are.  Thanks so much."


- Chris and Steve M.

"Nucky just wanted to say "Hi". This is the best puppy ever! He's extremely intelligent. We love him so much! Thank you!"

- Donna T.

"Hi Martin and Patti,

I just wanted to send you a picture of Otis.  We picked him up two weeks ago and he has adjusted beautifully.  He loves our border collie, Lucy!  They play LOTS.  Our boys love him :) Thanks!"


- Heather H.

"Here are my babies (Chester and Scooter) for your enjoyment."

- Terry B.

"Patti and Martin,

 Just wanted to tell you that Cynthia was so nice while helping me with my new puppies.  It was a very long day but they are definitely worth it.  We love both of them so much. Thank you from both of us."

- Jerry and Jan H.

"Hi Patti and Martin,
Charlie turned 2 years old yesterday (her parents are Omen and Obiwan) and I wanted to send you a few pictures of her.  She is such a delight and full of attitude.  Charlie still loves all her toys and has has become quite fond of
lizards, often delivering them to me in the early morning (2 a.m.) (and still alive). We absolutely love her and her adventurous spirit! Thank you again for our little girl."


- Kiki P.

"The dogs were groomed yesterday and I thought you might enjoy a current picture."

-Kate S.

"Hi Patti and Martin,

Wanted to update you on Molly.  We've had her for 2 months now and totally love her. Even my husband who only thinks big dogs are real dogs, haha.

I have to say she is not what I expected... I thought I was getting a foo-foo dog and she is a tomboy. She loves being outside no matter the weather, she has sniffed every inch of our backyard and my husband nicknamed her "NASCAR" because she races around my oval shaped flower bed. She is just hilarious to watch. She loves meeting people, she's getting used to going in the car... She considers that the lesser of two evils (going with us over staying home alone). She loves the grandkids and they think she's fun.

Attached is a picture of her sitting on Terry's lap. She had her second visit to the groomers today. She may not be my foo-foo dog, but I wouldn't trade her for anything."


-Karen and Terry W.

"We took a cute picture of Rohan this morning, still in bed with his "sister", Harper.

He's doing so well; completely house trained, loving.  In the mornings he likes to vocalize.  I think he's saying "feed me, I'm hungry".  He doesn't bark ever. 

At any rate, here he is.  Such a sweetheart.  My granddaughters call him Ro, which morphed to Rojo to Big Red.  I call him Meatloaf, don't know why, and Paul calls him his Big Boy."


- Kate S.

"We have a female from you, we call her Rosie.  We adore her so much, she is beautiful and quite the character. She has one of the best possible personalities that you can imagine. Thanks!"

- Lisa E.


We love our little, Tessa and enjoy having her in our lives."

- Margee H.

"Martin and Patti,
Well it has been a month and Lucca is a joy in our life.  He goes on the pad, he sleeps through the night (every night... awesome! And some mornings we even have to wake him up).  He loves to play. He is a home puppy, we have to carry him out for walks and he will try to get home as fast as possible. Overall we feel like we got a lottery puppy...
 Joan sometimes has to work in the evenings and he loves hanging out with me...
We couldn't be happier with our new addition.  Thanks much for all the special care you gave us during the process."

- Jerry and Joan C.

"Dear Patti and Martin,
Things are going well here with Miss Poppy.  She is less shy every day. She knows who we are now and that we are her new Mommy and Daddy. She is soooo precious. She sleeps with us every night and is such a cuddler. She is getting familiar with her new surroundings and was bouncing around like a jumping jack this AM. Thank you again for everything."

- Mike and Judy S.

"Just a quick note on Molly. She was a real trooper on our long trip back to Texas. She did really good at the motel. She got up only once, fed her and she did her business and played for a very short time and went back to sleep for a few hours. 

She is settling in real nice. Potty training is going pretty well. She sits by the back door when she wants to go outside, but she absolutely LOVES it outside so don't know if she wants to play or potty!

She is sleeping in my husband's lap right now....I do all the work and he gets all the glory hahaha.

We'll probably need another one in the future.
 Here is a picture of Molly, we just love her...she is quite the character!"

"Hi Patti,
We are all doing well, Baerli is such a little lover :). We just love her!"

-Kate W. 

"I just want to let you know that we are so in  love with our new baby, she is acclimating amazingly, she is so smart, sweet and loving. Thank you for everything."

- Betty M.

"Martin & Patti: Baxter & I made it home safe and sound. The puppy did great on the plane. He slept, in the carrier most of the flight. We had a little play time when we got home, and then bed. He only whimpered for about 10 minutes in his pen then was quiet the rest of the night. He seems to have decided that his favorite place to be is curled up next to one of us, whether it be on the floor, on the couch or on the bed. As a matter of fact, both he and Vincent are sleeping on the couch right now. Martin, it was so nice to meet you yesterday. We will keep in touch."


- Michael, Vincent & Baxter W.

"My little Maxie is such a wonderful family member, we all are in love with him and he knows it! He doesn't bark too much, he learned to go potty outside in two weeks by ringing bells that we have hanging on the door, he is very affectionate with every one- even neighbors, they all know him because he goes and knocks on their doors, it is so funny! He is obsessed with squirrels, mice, birds; he already caught some mice. He loves to play ball, and riding in the car. He is awesome, he is used to kisses from everyone at home but the best thing in the whole wide world is that he is mine! He is my copilot, my companion, my friend, he is always by my side. He really loves to play in the slide right in the park, he is so full of energy. He is the best friend ever, it is funny when he has his vet appointments because all the family is there with him, haha."

- Raquel C.

"Heineken is a wonderful puppy.  Very gentle, well adjusted, and he has chosen a corner of the kitchen for his bedroom, all by himself.  He slept straight through the night last night, is eating and drinking.  We are very pleased.  Such an easy puppy.  We hope we can keep him as happy at our home as he was, obviously, at yours."

-Sallie and John R.

"I just wanted to let you know that I got my Zoe Girl on 08/25/2012, from Westie Whisper.  We just love, love, love her so much! She was to be my birthday gift, but she chose my husband as her favorite and he just loves her dearly.  He was not one for a dog, nor a dog in his yard, nor a dog on the bed, but she has really softened both our hearts and she is totally spoiled and is our baby.  I just want to thank you so much for our bundle of joy and now our family is complete."

- Sandra, Thomas & Zoe K.

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