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Client Comments and Updates - 2017

Denise - Sleeping Westies

"We think that our Samy has adapted really well to his new home! He
wakes up at 7:00 am and is ready to go. He has been out walking quite a few
times and loves it! He likes Sadie (our 15 year old) better than she likes
him... haha... But she is definitely starting to warm up. We could not be
happier with him and his disposition. It was nice meeting you and I am so
glad we came in contact with Westie Whispers."

- Denise and Tim M.

"We got home safe and sound. Phoebe was a fantastic traveler. She is adjusting well today and doing great with her potty training. We are grateful for our new puppy. Thank you." 


- Andy and Marta S.

Riley Westie

"Hello! We adopted little Riley back in August. I believe his mamma was Crystal (his birthday is June 24th). Here he is now, in all his Westie glory! I thought you would like to see how he is getting on. He has the nicest temperament; the only terrier I have ever know that doesn't bark (except when my husband is shoveling snow). He is a sweet snuggler and too smart for his own good! We just adore him and wanted to thank you for allowing us to bring him into our lives."


-Katie H.

Riley and Katie

"Hi Patti!

I thought you'd enjoy this picture! Norman has settled right in!"

- Christy O.

Norman and the boys - Christy O.


Oliver Wallace aka Ollie is doing very well. He has a wonderful playful personality. He likes to play with the cats and they are starting to accept the fact that he's here to stay. He loves to dig and knows it's okay to dig in the sandbox and not the garden (most of the time). He likes to hide bones in the house, in plain sight, and pretend no one can see them. He is a fun dog, very bright and is training well. Thanks!"

- Heather and Dave V.

"Buddy is a Great Westie. A smart little guy doing wonderfully.  Couldn't be more pleased.  Thanks."  


-Bud J.

"Norman is officially one of the pack and loving every minute of it!"

-Christy O.

Westies Christy O.

"Patti and Martin
Ruby and Chief have assimilated into the pack quite well and Piper (the male we got from you 8 years ago) has taken over as their protector.  He is with them every time we go to the back yard. They are smart, very playful, digging some and love running around in the backyard. We really enjoy the new members of our family."

- George H.

"Kenzie is adjusting to her new home. Mia is patient with her new sister.
Thank you so much for our wonderful Kenzie!"

- Teri and Rick I.

"Patti and Martin,

It has been almost a year since our Westie was born. We have had a great time getting to know each other. Josi is a very happy puppy and is getting along very well now. I will also send some pictures showing what a little character and a clown see is. Thank You both for doing such a wonderful job with your Westies."


- Ron and Jo Ann M.

 I just want to thank you for the time, patience and information regarding our recent acquisition, Arnie.  You were so helpful and your information so accurate.  Used every tip and a have a beautiful Westie in the making.  They really learn fast and respond so well. He has one beautiful spirit.  Thanks again."


- Nicholas T.

"We (Stella and I) skied up near Allenspark, Co. So excited to show her the world, can't imagine life without her."

- Tonya Z.

"Hi Patricia!
Just saying hello and letting you know how pleased we are with our two boys-Frank and Willie!! In the picture below, we requested a Westie cut....guess they don't cut a lot of Westies!!!! And our new baby boy, Landon! They are really wonderful with him, Willie doesn't really enjoy him but Frank can't stop licking him!"
- Lena, Joel, Landon and Frank and Willie

"Hi Patti and Martin. This is Lacey from Isha and Orson’s litter, September 2014.  We have been so happy with her in our lives.  She was brought home to Kansas originally, but we are now living in Colorado and excited to be considering another new addition from you, hopefully later this year.  Pictures: Lacey likes her snowsuit for the Colorado snow. She has started agility and is also a registered therapy dog bringing smiles to people everywhere."


- Gina F.

"Hi Patti, just thought I would send a photo of Doll Boy Jackson on his 1st Birthday... He is not happy with hats or balloons at all, so this is all we could get... "


- Cynthia F.

"Hi Patti,

Hope all is well.  Thought I might send you our latest cutest picture of Lucy and Rosie (Crystal 6/24/16). They are doing well, are full of energy and get into mischief all day long!"


- Mary Ann D.

"Hi Patti, JJ's first day went great and he slept through his first night. He is so smart and learns fast. We have started his potty training and he has already did his potty three times outside. He thinks the snow is very interesting , we make sure he doesn’t spend too much time outside. He’s a great addition to our family. Thanks again."

- Rich and Maria W.

A picture of Skylar and Paisley, sent to us from Nancy S. 

A picture of Mia (a Maremma) and her little sister Kenzie, sent to us from Teri I.

"Charlie had made it home and we couldn't be happier ❤️"

- Elizabeth G.

"... He (Stevie Ray) has been a wonderful addition to our family; very smart, great temperament... I absolutely adore Stevie Ray and he  goes everywhere with me.  He has been the best companion."

- Deb C.

(Left) Lexi's first day at home as a puppy.
(Right) A year later, on the road with her family in their RV.

Shared with us from Gina & Don

" Hi Patti!  We have been taking Bailey (changed from Pippa Patience) to swim.  She loves the water, which is ironic since we live in the desert!  But, there is a dog training facility in town where she can swim in an indoor pool.  She has also started basic puppy obedience and is making good progress.  Happy little girl - thank you so much!"

- Patricia N. and K.B.

"Chopper and Huey... Home safe and sound! Three days in a car and two hotel rooms... These guys were wonderful 💕 travelers!
Their first night home, they experienced their first rocket launch... and slept through it! I guess we tuckered them out!
Thank you for being wonderful Westie breeders. I already notice temperament differences. Amazing how easy going these guys are!

- Christina and Paul L.

Hi Patricia and Martin,
I picked up Ogden on New Years Eve and I am so happy with my new bestie. Looking at all the other comments and pictures of families who have added a puppy to make a three Westie pack is cracking me up. I was questioning my sanity but now I realize it's normal Westie owner behavior. Ogden is healthy and happy and thriving in his home. He very willing to follow the rules and has learned the basics very quickly. Thank you for your awesome program and your attention to healthy happy puppies.
Thanks again!"

-Susan S.

"Dear Martin and Patti,

I am so proud to announce that my sweet little Lucca, offspring of Sawyer and Omen, born Nov. 2, 2012, has recently been awarded the 2017 the American Red Cross Southeastern Colorado Hometown Hero "Animal".

Lucca has brought us so much joy over the past four years!  He became a member of the Go Team Therapy Dogs last year and our life has become a whirlwind of volunteer events.  I wanted his sweetness to be shared by anyone who needed love.

Please enjoy the video that was shown at the Hometown Heroes awards at the Broadmoor March 16th!"

-Joan C.

Anchor 1


As we near Binkley’s 6 month birthday, I wanted to give you an update on his life in Tampa.  He is…wonderful.  From the moment we picked him up, he has been calm, confident, self-assured, fearless, curious, affectionate and always hilarious.  He rarely barks.  He has developed an interest in chasing lizards, squirrels and cats.  Likes to dig.  Has played fetch exceedingly well since he was just a few weeks old.  We have another Westie pup who belongs to dear friends and close neighbors of ours who was born just the day before Binx; they play together frequently.  However, Binx is quite a bit bigger. 

We were worried about whether our crabby 13 year old female Carin would accept a pup after she lost our 12 yr old Westie last Summer but…Binx has won her over.  They play together frequently.  He is a charmer.  He and the Carin come to work with me every day.  In between naps, they get several walks and lots of attention from the girls here at the office.  Binx seems very happy, but I don’t think he can be as happy as we are with him.  Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt him.  I didn’t think I would ever recover from my terrible grief in losing Wiley last Summer, but there is no way to be sad around one of your pups.  Thank you again."

- Maureen D.

Thank you for posting the pic of Michelle online. Now I see where my Acini gets his size from. He's 22lbs but very fit, a wonderful disposition and I would highly recommend your kennel of dogs to anyone. Thank you!"

- Michael C.

"Hi Patti and Martin ... We named him Finnegan “Finn.” Both Linda and I thought the meeting experience in Centennial was great – we enjoyed seeing all the other pups and casual/welcoming atmosphere.  Here is a picture of Linda and Finnegan. Thanks for raising such great puppies."


- Randy and Linda V.

"The boys are doing great."
Photos of  JJ and Cooper sent to us by Rich and Maria W.


We made it home. Honey was the star of United Airlines. We had to spend the day at The Mileage Club where she brought much attention.
I tried to introduce Honey to her play pen, but there was much howling. I finally put her on my bed where she fell asleep and I'm happy to say she slept all night.
Thanks for everything and pictures will come if I can ever get her to sit still!"

- Louise H.

"We adopted Ruby and Chief in January.We got Riley and Piper from you 8 1/2 years ago and they are so very healthy and happy.  Ruby and Chief are so gentle and sweet.  All of the Westies get along well. Here is a new picture of Ruby and Chief."

- Vail H.

"My husband Seth and I are the proud parents of two of your beautiful, wonderful and loving Westie girls, Bella (7 years) and Zoe (7 months). We LOVE our little girls SO much and they really became BFF’s, we are lucky. Bella is more submissive (but can put Zoe in her place if need be) and Zoe (especially being a pup) is more active and outgoing, so they work well together. They are both the most loving, kind and beautiful dogs.  

The photo is the girls back in November when we first got Zoe."


-  Stacey C.

"They do have fun together!"

- Christina L.


I want to attach a few photos of our beloved Westies from you. Maddy (11 years [I think] and Macy, almost 1 and 1/2 years)  I wanted to update you on Macy... who you got to love on a few extra weeks!

Just know we love our pups!

Macy is getting really good with fetch. 

Thank you, these dogs are simply the best, and are also super healthy and happy!"


- Evan M.

Bob chasing his ball
Bob chasing his ball
Play Video
Bob at Play
Play Video

"Bob turned 7 on March 14th. Here are some funny videos Dave shot that I thought was worth sharing. This dog is a riot! He literally "rooooo's" at people until they pay attention to him!"

- Molly R.

"Six months old, Buddy is a doing wonderful. He has bonded with our
Newfoundland and they are becoming good friends. He goes to Camp Bow Wow 3 or 4 times a week and gets along with all the other dogs. "

-Bud Jones

"Hi Patti,

Well, Kenzie (Leia and Finn, DOB 7/22/16) is almost 10 months old now and has been a real joy in our home.  She has a fun-loving, inquisitive and independent spirit while always wanting to be wherever my wife or I are.  She's as "smart as a tack" and amazes us with some of the things she does." 

-Ron F.

"Little Lucie and I are getting along great.  She's precious and sweet.


Martin - you were right - she's absolutely exhausted.  We had a nice ride home, explored outside, she did her #1 business in the yard - hurray!  Then we explored inside, took two bites of her puppy gold kibble, explored some toys - the pink giraffe seems to be the favorite at the moment, and now have been sleeping for a couple of hours.


I am so thrilled.  Thanks for clearly being wonderful breeders and Westie lovers!"

- Missy A.

"Wesley has been the love of our lives.

I call him my smiley guy, he is always smiling. He is the happiest dog I've ever had! He's got the best temperament and loves all dogs , kids, people, cats, etc. He even loves his vet and his groomer!"

- Anna T.

Photos are of Wesley hanging out with his cousins.

Rosie & Lucy

- Sent to us from Mary Ann D.

"Hi Patti,
 Jackson is now 16 months old (parents are Ogden and Soraya). He is crazy for the squirrels and as you can see he is hanging out with his buddy Bumble. He is so handsome, we get so many compliments on him, wonderful personality and so fun..."

- Cynthia F.

(Left:) Stuart and Harley with Dad. (Right:) Stuart on the ride home.
Photos sent to us by Jim S.

"Rosie on her 1st birthday!"

- Mary Ann D.

"Hi there! We picked up our puppy yesterday and she's just the cutest thing ever. See photo of her at home.
Beautiful little puppies, we had so much fun at picking from the litter and actually getting to see two litters bumbling around while we tried to chase them down!"

- Carissa T.

"Here are some pictures of iU at her new home."

-Xingyue W.

"Patti –

I just wanted to let you know how well Stuart has settled into the home front here.  I put him in my granddaughter’s bouncy chair for a nap and well…"

-Jim S.

"Seeley is home and enjoying her new "pawrents"  She is already so full of personality! Thank you guys so much for this sweet addition to our family!"


-Anna C. 

"Patti and Martin,


I just wanted to let you know that we made it home safe and sound last week with our new "dogter" Margaret Rose aka Peggy.  People on the plane were amazed at how calm Peggy was the entire flight - she was perfect.


It's been one week adjusting to so many new things including meeting her brother and sisters, getting used to new home and visiting the vet.   Everywhere we go people ask me "where did you get that beautiful pup "!  


Here are a few pictures from Peggy's first week home.  She has her own Instagram account too - you can follow her @ iammisspeggy."

- Diane M.

"Patti and Martin -

I just wanted to share how little Lucie Loo is doing one month into her new world with me.  She's a feisty, sweet doll all at the same time.  She just got home from her first big road trip to Crested Butte where she earned most popular and loving girl on the mountain.  

She also meets many friends (humans and canines) in Cherry Creek during the week and weekends at home. 

Thanks to you both again for being wonderful breeders and letting her into my life. "

- Missy A.

"Hi Martin,
    It is six months to the day that I picked up a white bundle of fluff along with Christy.  My little boy( Arnie is his name) was quite a challenge to begin with.  I must say at this point, he is a total JOY! He is so loving, smart, intuitive and has made my other two Westies change their ways so that they all get along and are a wonderful "pack".  It hasn't been easy at times but he has made it  all worthwhile. I couldn't live without him now.   Anyway, thank you for a really special puppy. Many Thanks.    
PS  Oliver is going to be 16 and is doing quite nicely."

- Nicholas T.

"Jackson says 'Happy 4th of July' to you. He is styling for sure!"

- Cynthia F.

Photos of puppy Katie shared with us by proud mom, Beverly O.

"Good morning from Fergus in Grand Junction!   He is doing very well and is fully potty trained already!   We love him to death and wanted to share one of his baby pictures with you.  I will send more as he loves to pose.  Thank you for bringing him into our home."

- Holly, Lauren and Tori S. 

"Milo is home safe and sound in San Francisco! Thank you for all your help today!"

- Kristen N.

" 'I feel wonderful after my grooming & nail trim!'
He's such a handsome little man. thank you for all the joy he brings us!"

- Myrna & Roy G.

"Patti & Gang,

Just wanted to forward you some pictures of our little boy from Crystal and Nicholas. His name is Tucker. I think we got boy #2 which we love... Luna (our 2 yr. old) is so happy we got her a sibling. They keep each other entertained. Thank you so much. We are completely blessed in our household."

- Kate R.


We adopted our beloved little Bentley from you almost 2 years ago, and he has truly become an indispensable part of the family.  He is an absolute treasure of a dog.   Having been a big dog (golden) lover my entire life, I was probably the most skeptical about this switch, but I could not be happier.  In fact, our original plan was to get a westie followed by golden.  Well, my wife, who was not much of a “dog” person, has fallen in love with Bentley, and we’ve all agreed that he needs a brother.
 I’ve attached a picture of our fun loving dude with a big personality.

Thank you for providing such wonderful puppies…you truly do a wonderful job."

- Bryan & Stephanie U.    

"Martin and Patti,
     We can’t thank you enough for your thoughtfulness during our quest for another Westie.  Chantilly Lace is the perfect addition to our menagerie of a Jack Russell (Oliver Twist), Norwich (Lizzie) and Whoodle (Montana)!  Montana and Chantilly have become best friends if not surrogate mother and daughter.  Chantilly shadows Montana’s every move, and both enjoy numerous romps together every day.
    Again, thank you for your patience, the Christmas books, and Patti’s wonderful book with ideas on raising the perfect Westie.  I hope we, as parents, measure up to the task before us."

- Patty & Chris I.

"Patti and Martin,
Just a note to thank you for an amazing new member of our family! We are thrilled with Coco! He is animated, loving, comfortable around other dogs and people, eating well and settled in nicely. Thank you for your professional care during his first eight weeks. We can't believe it's only been two weeks since we picked him up. 
We have an Instagram account where we have posted a number of photos of Coco. He's beautiful and we love him!
Thank you!"

- Grant S.

"Stuart handling 'huge' limbs from the backyard. 
Stuart is doing great. That you so much..."

- Jim S.

"Hello Patti and Martin,

 Thought I would check in and let y'all know that he has been doing great and growing fast! Some of his favorite things: chewing on his bed, belly rubs, and "saving us" (growling and pawing at) from inanimate objects (usually crumpled up paper or boxes). He's very funny and I'm so grateful to have him as my family! Thanks a million!"


- Cassie M.

"Here are a few pictures. He is doing well and seems to fit right in." 

- Henriette S.

"Hello Martin and Patti!
I wanted to give you guys an update on Melody's baby boy!
He is doing wonderfully! He has adapted very well to his new home and settled right in to our little family. He loves to wrestle with his toys and explore his new house. He is adapting very well to his leash and harness and got to go to the park for the first time last week. He absolutely loved it and was prancing through the grass with a huge puppy grin! Whenever he is really excited he loves to run and run and run in big sweeping circles! He is coming along amazingly well with his potty-training too! He runs to is training pad right away when he has to go. We've made sure to take him to the vet for check ups and they have proclaimed him to be in perfect health! He was so good a patient at his appointment! He would make you both so proud. (Also he now has a huge fanbase among the nurses and receptionists at the vet!)
He is so clever, and energetic, and just the funniest little character! Thank you so much for my sweet puppy! I can't imagine life without him! :)
Oh and most importantly, his name! Surprisingly, he did not take to any of the names we had picked out! My mom and I both tried each of the names a few times, but he wasn't responding and none of them seemed to suit him. We finally settled on 'Samwise;' because of how curious and fearless and loyal he is. We call him 'Sammy' for short, but he responds very well to his full name too!
Thank you so much again!"

- Kelly, Kathy and Samwise E.