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Client Comments and Updates - 2020


Benson and Winston ❣️

Jodi B.

Jodi B 1 1-6-20.jpg

Here is Tony and Ziva on their second birthday.

David Z.

David Z 1-7-20.jpg

Dapper will be four years old in March.

He enjoys Arizona winters and Colorado summers.

Rod and Leslie B.

Rod B 1-10-20.jpg

Hi Patti
Can you believe that it’s been 1 year ago today that we got Holly?!!  It sure was hard choosing between her and her sister- they were both so cute!!!  But we really do love her!!  Thought that you might like to see how she’s grown!!  Hope all is well with you and Martin!!  Thanks again for Holly and for answering my millions of questions!!!

Susie S.


Susi S 3 1-26-20.jpg
Susi S 2 1-26-20.jpg
Susi S 1 1-26-20.jpg

Hi Patti,

We got our puppy from you this summer. We just wanted to share how much love, happiness and fun we are having with our sweet puppy Wazee. He is a delight. We love him so much. I would like to share some pictures with you.

Thank you for our beloved puppy!

Jackie G.

Jackie G 2 1-29-20.jpg
Jackie G 1 1-29-20.jpg
Jackie G 3 1-29-20.jpg
Jackie G 4 1-29-20.jpg

Patrícia & Martin,

Our puppy Monty is almost 8 months now. He is so happy, smart, and loving 🥰   He sure have a westietude!

Fatima F.

Fatima F 1-29-20.jpg

Patti and Martin,
Almost 16 years ago we met you in Denver and you delivered Gus into our our family (we named him after his mom, Augustine).
We just wanted to take a minute to tell you what a blessing Gus has been to our family. Our kids grew up with him, and now, our grandkids adore him (usually they go to him before grandma and grandpa)!
He’s finally starting to show his age, but still has moments of “puppy” in him, but spends most of his time perched on “his” spot on the couch, looking out at the back yard.
Looking at your website over the years, we know what a labor of love your dogs are to you, and we just wanted you to know, that the little guy you brought us all those years ago, has had a good life, and been a treasured member of our family.

Rick and Kalene W.

Richard W 1 2-8-20.jpg
Richard W 2 2-8-20.jpg

He’s a delight!  In the photo he is watching Westminster Kennel Club on the television.

Mary DY.

Mary DY 2-11-20.jpg

Hi Patti,

Finn and Maggie turned 1 on June 1st. I made a short video about their first year that I wanted to share with you and Martin.

Thank you again for our two great puppies!

Nick L.

Good morning Patti 😊

Just thought I would send you a few more pictures of Holly!  She is so cute!!  It was time to retire Daisy’s stroller, so this is Holly’s new one- which she loves!  Hope all is well- Happy Puppy Day next weekend!  They sure are cute!!

Susie S.

2-29-20 Susie S 2.jpg
2-29-20 Susie S 3.jpg
2-29-20 Susie S 4.jpg
2-29-20 Susie S 5.jpg

I had the total pleasure of receiving a puppy from you in October. He was the last little guy out of Cashmere and Cypress who I named Brody. I have wanted to write to you at least a thousand times. I had never had a Westie but had only enjoyed 23 years of Keeshonds. Oh my goodness. I have fallen head over heels in love and I can't remember the last time I have had so many giggles, laughs and outbursts of joy. Unfortunately my 10 year Keeshond passed, 2 weeks after Brody arrived here, with unexpected kidney failure. Brody adored him and it was mutual both ways.
Brody helped a hurting heart and was the perfect addition to our family.

My husband has never been an active participant with my dogs, however, Brody totally changed that. He would just sit at his feet and then would get picked up, played with and now he gets a daily walk by my husband :) My husband adores him too.

Brody has just passed his first series of a beginner puppy class and we are registered for the intermediate class in a few weeks. I am very interested in getting on the wait list for a retired parent. I am available to add to my family at any time and gender is not important. Please let me know what I need to do next.
Sincerely a very happy Westie Owner.

Jenny L.

Good evening Patti,

Hope this email founds you and your family well and safe during this very challenging times. Sending positive energy and thoughts.

Our adorable, beautiful little Madeline turned ONE! Yesterday. She is such a happy, loving little girl. She has been doing so  great!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! for all your support. I got the food that you recommended (she eats about half and half).
Please stay safe and once again. THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting us bring Madeline into our lives. We LOVE her so much!!

Enjoy your evening and stay safe,

Elvia M.

3-30-20 Elvia M. 2.jpg
3-30-20 Elvia M. 1.jpg

Janet S.

3-31-20 Janet S..jpg

Hi Patti - have been thinking about you all during this time of trouble.

Lucie Loo has been my saving grace.

We celebrated her third birthday during quarantine on 3/29.

She moved to Greenwich, CT with me almost exactly two years ago. The pictures attached are a glimpse of her good life and fun in the woods.

Needless to say we are hunkering down until life gets back to normal.
Thanks for bringing me into her life.

Missy A.

4-6-20 Missy A. 1.jpg
4-6-20 Missy A. 6.jpg
4-6-20 Missy A. 4.jpg
4-6-20 Missy A. 5.jpg

Hope you are all staying safe in these difficult times. Starr says hello.

Best Wishes,
Andrew & Margaret B.

4-13-20 Andrew & Margaret B..jpg

Hi Patti and Martin,

We decided to name our puppy Ian and he has settled in just perfectly.  In these strange times, it has been such a treat having the new guy in our home.  He a quick learner and makes us laugh and smile everyday.  Lorenzo has taken to him well and they love to romp.  Can’t wait for his vaccines to be through so we can all run in the park by our home.  We are hoping the social isolation does not effect his temperament too much.  Hope both of you are safe and healthy.  Thank you again!

Alyssa B.

4-23-20 Alyssa B. 1.jpg
4-23-20 Alyssa B. 3.jpg
4-23-20 Alyssa B. 2.jpg

We celebrated their 2nd birthday on May 3.  As you can see, they are not complying with social distancing recommendations. They are so much fun and such happy pups. We are blessed to have the, in our lives.

Dave and Liz 💕

5-8-20 Dave & Liz C..jpg

Hi Patti,
I hope you’ve had a fabulous Mother’s Day! I hope you and all the people who are part of Westie Whispers are in good health and safe from Covid-19. Finlay & Fiona's family is all good here in Seattle! Attached are some recent photos of us! We are thoroughly enjoying everyone home now and will be confused when daddy and sissy go back to the office!
We continue to bring so much love and joy to our family!
Looking forward to getting on your waiting list for another one someday!

-Finlay & Fiona L.

5-10-20 Finlay & Fiona L. 1.jpg
5-10-20 Finlay & Fiona L. 4.jpg
5-10-20 Finlay & Fiona L. 5.jpg
5-10-20 Finlay & Fiona L. 6.jpg
5-10-20 Finlay & Fiona L. 3.jpg
5-10-20 Finlay & Fiona L. 2.jpg


Thought I’d give you an update on wee Fergus. He arrived home Saturday afternoon seeming a bit disoriented, with little appetite or thirst. We spent a quiet evening, then retired, with Fergus in his new crate near our bedside. He spent his first night quietly, with no cries or whimpers. Sunday he was ready to go, good appetite, good ‘poops’, romping in the grass, lots of exploring, with frequent 20 minute snoozes. He met our adult children Sunday and had an all-around great day. He is adjusting great, seems very comfortable, confident, and curious, and he is bonding well with Lezlie and me. He’s also been real good about hitting the newspaper in the kitchen. Monday was his vet check-up at Valley Vet. All good there; he weighed in at 4.5 lbs. We think one his siblings was also examined by Dr. Biller at Valley. BTW, one of my sister’s friends asked about where we got a Fergus and we referred them to you.

Here’s a little clip from Sunday.
Thanks so much for making this possible.

Rick B.

Hi Patti and Martin!

Joe and I just want to thank you for our precious pups!  We have named the boy, Scout and the girl, Addie (short for Addicus).

They are so smart and learn so quickly.

We love to watch them explore in the backyard and run and play.

Thanks again!

Joe and Kathy T.

Here is a picture of our handsome Westie, Riley, born September 3, 2019 to Sabrina and Rudolf. When we came to Colorado to pick up our puppy we were asked what we were naming our puppy. I said “Riley” because he was going to live “the life of Riley” at our home, and he does! Riley and I were attending puppy training classes at PetsMart when the corona virus hit. Classes had to be suspended  but we continue training at home. He is a quick learner, but also has that Westie attitude about him. Our state has a “stay at home” order in place, so the 3 of us spend all our time together. I can’t imagine what our life would have been like during this period without Riley. He’s an active puppy and fascinated by everything. I’m so glad my husband found Westie Whispers and Riley is in his forever home with us.

Judy and Ken S.
Sun City West, AZ

5-16-20 Judy & Ken S..jpg

Just an update that little Cali is doing great and been a wonderful addition to our family. She is the perfect mix of sweet and sassy. I took this picture of her today.

-Liz M.

5-22-20 Liz M..jpg

Hi Patti,
Wanted to give you an update on Wilson and Luna Otis.  They are doing amazing and  loving life. We can’t thank you enough, they really have added so much love into our lives and their personalities are wonderful.  They turned 2 in January.

-Albany O.

5-23-20 Albany O..jpg

We got our wonderful Westie male “Jack” in June of 2019, one of Noel and casper’s litter. He’s been on lots of adventures with us around the USA, and we are back in Montana. He’s been a great dog, personable, strong, smart and full of lots of attitude! We are in love with this breed. We’ve always had labs or larger dogs. Jack was so easy to train, too.  He and Gabby (below) got along wonderfully right from the start.

-Amanda H.

7-13-20 Amanda H. 2.jpg
7-13-20 Amanda H. 3.jpg
7-13-20 Amanda H. 1.jpg

Hi Martin and Patti

I just had to send a picture of our babies!  Max on the left (born 10/9/2019) in his first “Westie Cut” and Gidget (born 8/2/2017)......I saw a picture of her sister in your client comments (Sabrina and Sawyer parents) and I truly thought it was HER!

They are becoming such great buddies.....Max is ALL BOY...but so lovey and sweet and we ADORE them.  

Hope you are doing well...

Kim and Mike F.
Phoenix, AZ

5-23-20 Kim & Mike F..jpg

These are our 13 year olds!

Yesterday was their birthday (cup cakes just for photo opportunity)

My Guy  is McGyver on the right and my daughter and her family have his brother Toby on the left.

It is impossible to express how much these happy and healthy guys mean to us!🎈

Thank you Westie Whispers!

Francine S. & Darby H.

5-26-20 Francine S. & Darby H..jpg

Wilson is a ‘momma’s boy’.  He’s a great dog.  We’ll probably be putting in an app to get a little jr... we want another male.  We want to be on the list to be first choice for a boy.  We don’t mind waiting... We LOVE your dogs.  Best thing we’ve ever done as far as animals go... Here’s an updated pic of Wilson who will be 14 in October....

-Tina H.

5-27-20 Tina H. 1.jpg
5-27-20 Tina H. 2.jpg

Hi Patty and Martin! We choose the pink lil girl! Sunshine B. is doing great! We are back in Texas she is eating, drinking, playing etc! We are in love! Our children adore her! She is the biggest gift ever thank you so much!!!! We'll keep in touch from time to time! You guys are awesome and your puppies are the best!

Erin & Nathan B.

6-7-20 Erin & Nathan B. 3.jpg
6-7-20 Erin & Nathan B. 4.jpg
6-7-20 Erin & Nathan B. 1.jpg
6-7-20 Erin & Nathan B. 2.jpg
6-7-20 Erin & Nathan B. 5.jpg

Hi all!

I wanted to just reach out with a picture of Billy settling right in :).
We have had the most magical first 48 hours together!! Wanted to just check in and let y’all know Billy is doing wonderful and is already going potty outside!

I will definitely stay in touch and show his progress over the years!

Thanks again, for everything! 😍 I’m so in love.

Bradley C.

6-8-20 Bradley C..jpg

Hi Westie Whispers,

I’m Mitzi and just checking in.  I’m three years old and doing okay.
Say hi to mama Garland and dear old dad Oscar for me.
I have nearly completed the training of my staff, Nancy and Ed. I have a big bladder and have been able to sleep eleven hours a night without a potty break since I came to Port Angeles.This is significantly longer than my staff can (not go).

I am 23 pounds!  Can you believe it?

Cheers and thanks for reading,

-Mitzi G.

6-15-20 Mitzi G. 2.jpg
6-15-20 Mitzi G. 1.jpg

We are fanatical Westie fans as we have/had 2 litter mate Westies.  We are looking to adopt a little girl Westie ASAP.  Doesn’t appear you have anything in the near future, but I’m trying all avenues to get our family put back together.

We would be ready to give a new little girl a loving home ASAP.  

Here’s a couple pictures of our  Westies.

Thanks for helping start our new family!

Steve N.

6-23-20 Steve N. 2.jpg
6-23-20 Steve N. 1.jpg


We wanted to inform you of Rivers progress. He is absolutely awesome and beautiful. He has been attending puppy socialization classes and starts basic obedience this week. He is well adjusted and healthy with 2 visits to the vet. Thank you again for your professionalism and excellent puppy breeding practices.

Peter and Megan L.

6-28-20 Peter & Megan L. 2.JPG
6-28-20 Peter & Megan L. 1.JPG
6-28-20 Peter & Megan L. 3.JPG

Oh my goodness, I didn’t realize how much time has passed and that I didn’t get a chance to check in a week ago. Dolly is doing great. She’s settled into my house and is showing more and more of her personality every day. She’s such a sweet and loving little girl. She’s already very gentle when taking food from my hand, follows me naturally and sits when I stop. It is so nice to have a Westie in the house again and she is definitely a Westie! 😁 I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful little blessing.

Mariel G.

We picked up our puppy on December 7. Fergus is an absolute joy and a true member of our family.  

Thank you!

Rob & Holly B.


7-9-20 Rob & Holly B..jpg

In Memoriam:
Our hearts are so broken. Here is a picture we took few weeks ago of Papaya. She truly was the best dog. Such a joy and such a heart breaking loss...

Kimberly P.

7-14-20 Kimberly P. & Papaya.jpg

Us and our dogs in the age of coronavirus 🥰

Mary D.

7-19-20 Mary D..jpg

Hi Patti and Martin,

Hope you’re both doing well! Just sending a quick update. We have fallen in love with our little Archie since April. He has such a wonderful little personality. Archie adjusted to our family almost immediately and we are enjoying every minute with him. His (almost 6 month) photos are attached. Thank you again for all your assistance throughout the process of bringing Archie into our family and our home.

Thanks again,

Allison and Tim P.

7-20-20 Allison P. 2.jpg
7-20-20 Allison P. 1.jpg
7-20-20 Allison P. 3.jpg

Rain means easy digging!

Rob B.

7-30-20 Rob B..jpg

Thank you so much!
Watson is a fine, sweet pup. He has a great personality!
He loved the grass in my sons backyard. We just went out for a bit.

Brenda P.

8-8-20 Brenda P. 3.jpg
8-8-20 Brenda P. 1.jpg
8-8-20 Brenda P. 2.jpg

We hope this finds health and good times for you all.  Just checking in as it’s hard to believe that tomorrow is Molly’s 5 month old birthday!  Seems like the summer gets faster every year, and hotter too.    Molly has been great and learning the in’s and out’s with the help of her best friend Harley.  Lori had brought him home as a “gift” at Christmas last year, unbeknownst to me.  He was supposed to be a  miniature Yorkie, but grew a tad bit more to the greyhound style.  At first Harley didn’t know what to think of Molly, as he’d been the king of all attention. He soon fell in love with her since day two.  Of course he felt he ruled the roost for quite some time until Molly grew, and grew, and is still growing and became the new ruler of the roost.  They seem to enjoy their new life full of adventure of whatever we’re doing.  They love the RV travels, but are thrilled to be home to run around their backyard and chase the squirrels.  Everywhere we go everyone loves Molly, she’s got such a personality.  Then when she does her cooing howl, it’s a show stopper.

Thanks Again!

Rian & Lori N.
Thornton, Colorado

9-3-20 Lori N. 3.jpg
9-3-20 Lori N. 1.jpg
9-3-20 Lori N. 2.JPG
9-3-20 Lori N. 4.jpg
9-3-20 Lori N. 5.jpg

Hi Patty,
Been quite some time since bought a Westie from you.  Gabby is 6 yrs old now.  Her parents were Oscar and Sydney.  She’s the best!  Here’s a pic of my sidekick.
Hoping to get another Westie in next year to two!!

CeCe S.

9-8-20 CeCe S..jpg

Good morning Martin and Patti!

Well, Penny has settled in nicely to her new home. It’s as if she was always here. She is pottying SO well outside and is loving her sleep nest in her crate. Is so happy to go in at night and for naps. She doesn’t even cry!

She is a pistol! Kipper is taking nicely to her and is slowly playing more and more with her. She LOVES toys, especially her keys. She is certainly a leader as Martin said and is curious and feisty. She fits in perfectly here with these tough girls 😁

She is a mountain girl and loves running in the yard. She is absolutely hilarious!

Thanks again for everything. We will keep in touch with photos and updates.

The Kristen T. Family 🐾🐾

9-30-20 Kristen T. 1.jpg
9-30-20 Kristen T. 3.jpg
9-30-20 Kristen T. 2.jpg

One year old today!! He is an amazing dog and brings us so much joy in our retirement!!

Thank you again!

Rob and Holly B.

10-10-20 Rob & Holly B..jpg

I just wanted to let you know how much we live our little Pablo! We took him to the vet and she said he was perfect- which we knew. He is a handful but in a good way. Already making good progress to potty training.

Thank you so much!

Michelle M.

Hi Patti - just wanted to share a few recent photos of Lucie Loo enjoying her life in Connecticut.

Missy A.

10-22-20 Missy A. 1.jpg
10-22-20 Missy A. 2.jpg

Hello, Patricia;

It has been many years since we have exchanged information on how our two Westie kids have been doing (Tessa and Dexter).

Six years ago we moved from Colorado and are outside of fort Worth, Texas. Both myself and John have been busy working, except now I am retired and living the dream of spending more time with the pups.

One of the activities that Tessa and I will be doing together, for the next 10-years, is participating in a dog aging and longevity study. She is a member of the Dog Aging Project (DAP) Pack. The primary researchers of the project come for the University of Washington Medical School and the Texas A&M University Veterinary School. Funding is coming from donation and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).


As the aging project goes forward will pass on things of interest that they share. I am curious to see what the DNA testing shows, we know she is a Westie, so my belief is that they are looking for more health related things. It is going to be interesting how we get a saliva sample from her. It is great that you can contribute to the Addison’s disease research and that your pups are stellar examples of better Westie health.

Thank you for adding our girl to the famous page, I will do my best not to let it go to her head. 😊

Tessa is my star girl, and always will be. This is not our first citizen science project. She donated blood toward the Dog Genome project and participated in the Duke University Dog Cognition Center sponsored Dognition Project – actually they both did these. She was given the tag of Dog of All Trades because she is a quick learner and adapter to her environment.

We love both our pups! Tessa though is my trailblazer and science geek, she goes with me on adventures like these to benefit canine and human kind.

Just wanted you to know some of the diverse things your puppies have been doing.

Margee H.

Dog Aging Project:

11-10-20 Margee H. 2.jpg

Merry almost Christmas!
Walter and Molly are 2 peas in a pod :)

Karla M.

12-23-20 Karla M..jpg

Hi Martin and Patti,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Wanted to send a pic of our baby girl Sunshine we got from you in June! SHe is the love of our life! I thank God everyday for her! Livin it up in Lubbock, Texas!
Hope all is well!

Erin & Nathan B.

12-29-20 Erin B..jpg
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