Client Comments and Updates - 2020


Benson and Winston ❣️

Jodi B.

Jodi B 1 1-6-20.jpg

Here is Tony and Ziva on their second birthday.

David Z.

David Z 1-7-20.jpg

Dapper will be four years old in March.

He enjoys Arizona winters and Colorado summers.

Rod and Leslie B.

Rod B 1-10-20.jpg

Hi Patti
Can you believe that it’s been 1 year ago today that we got Holly?!!  It sure was hard choosing between her and her sister- they were both so cute!!!  But we really do love her!!  Thought that you might like to see how she’s grown!!  Hope all is well with you and Martin!!  Thanks again for Holly and for answering my millions of questions!!!

Susie S.


Susi S 3 1-26-20.jpg
Susi S 2 1-26-20.jpg
Susi S 1 1-26-20.jpg

Hi Patti,

We got our puppy from you this summer. We just wanted to share how much love, happiness and fun we are having with our sweet puppy Wazee. He is a delight. We love him so much. I would like to share some pictures with you.

Thank you for our beloved puppy!

Jackie G.

Jackie G 2 1-29-20.jpg
Jackie G 1 1-29-20.jpg
Jackie G 3 1-29-20.jpg
Jackie G 4 1-29-20.jpg

Patrícia & Martin,

Our puppy Monty is almost 8 months now. He is so happy, smart, and loving 🥰   He sure have a westietude!

Fatima F.

Fatima F 1-29-20.jpg

Patti and Martin,
Almost 16 years ago we met you in Denver and you delivered Gus into our our family (we named him after his mom, Augustine).
We just wanted to take a minute to tell you what a blessing Gus has been to our family. Our kids grew up with him, and now, our grandkids adore him (usually they go to him before grandma and grandpa)!
He’s finally starting to show his age, but still has moments of “puppy” in him, but spends most of his time perched on “his” spot on the couch, looking out at the back yard.
Looking at your website over the years, we know what a labor of love your dogs are to you, and we just wanted you to know, that the little guy you brought us all those years ago, has had a good life, and been a treasured member of our family.

Rick and Kalene W.

Richard W 1 2-8-20.jpg
Richard W 2 2-8-20.jpg

He’s a delight!  In the photo he is watching Westminster Kennel Club on the television.

Mary DY.

Mary DY 2-11-20.jpg

Hi Patti,

Finn and Maggie turned 1 on June 1st. I made a short video about their first year that I wanted to share with you and Martin.

Thank you again for our two great puppies!

Nick L.