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Client Comments and Updates - 2016

Libby- Westie

"Hello everyone,
Here is a picture of Libby. She is the daughter of Kava and Winnie. Although she looks like Winnie, she is a tom boy and may have the temperament of Kava.
Here she is at 1 year old.
She is a joy to our family and we love her."

-Jon C.

"Hi Patti,
I thought you should see one of your pups in his Graduation garb from Puppy class :), now we are moving to Intermediate... He has been so good, and what a beautiful coat he has!!!"


-Cynthia F.

Graduating Westie Puppy
5th Birthday Westies Twins

"Attached are pictures of our Westies from your kennel, we thought you would like to see the twins, Sweet Pea and Tyler turning 5 today (July 14th). Both are great pups.
Some of our friends are getting a Westie from your kennel in the fall, we hope they are as happy with it as we are with ours."

-Dean & Jan C.

"My husband and I bought a wonderful Westie from you 4 years ago (picture of Philip for you) and we agree that it's time to get him a little brother..."


-Stephanie V.

Happy Westie Stephanie
Westie Dishwasher Sleeping


 Just sending a picture of (of course), the cutest puppy, that we got from you in August. She loves the warmth of the dishwasher, so she crawls up there and falls asleep. I thought that you would enjoy that! We absolutely adore her."

- Pam C.

A picture of Lucy (Pixie), sent to us from Mary Anne D.

Adorable Westie Puppy
Lizard Eater Cindy

"Hi Patti and Martin,

This is Charlee  from Arianna  and Wyatt 's litter. She is so loved  and a smart, energetic  puppy. She  also loves chasing  lizards... Yuck!"

-Cindy A.

"Patti & Martin,

Just wanted to share that our little girl (from Ruby & Obiwan's litter) is 6 months old today and is doing well. She's getting used to traveling in the 5th wheel, too! She is the best little pupper-girl!"


-Don & Gina K.

Pink Collar Pup
Westie Puppy in Baby Blankets

"Hi Patti and Martin,

Finnley is adjusting to her new home and is a very happy puppy!"

-Lea A.

Cute Baby Westie
Vanessa Adorable Puppy

"Hi Patti, 

I just wanted to thank you for our wonderful puppy. He is such a sweet and silly boy. He has made our family very happy."

- Vanessa L.

Puppy with Mom
Puppy with Dad
Puppy with Brother

Photos shared with us by Seth C.

"Hi Patti,

 checking in with a photo of Jackson with his new sweater on... He is so wonderful. We keep meeting other Westies from Westie Whispers...Hope that you all are doing well in puppy land..."

- Cynthia F.

Chevron Sweater Cynthia

We've included Anne's captions too!


I wanted to give you an update on Molly, from Ruby & Kava's litter. She's an adorable, affectionate, reasonably protective girl who loves to snuggle, give kisses, and wrestle with her brother (a feline!). I knew I loved Westies to begin with, but I feel like a first time mother, how everyone says "you never know love until you've loved a child"... Well, if you tried to tell me that Molly was anything other than my child, I wouldn't believe you. She saved me in a time when I didn't even know I needed it - depression and anxiety are a thing of the past since having her in my life. I have excellent breeding and genetics to thank, as well as an extremely knowledgable breeder! Thanks so much for you guidance and letting me take entirely too long selecting her and answering all of my rookie questions. If and when my day comes to add another Westie, you'll be hearing from me. I've spread the word to all my friends that if you're looking for a responsibly-bred Westie, there is no other breeder than Patti Bremmer in Centennial CO!

I've attached a few photos of Molly over the last 2 years. Thank you again for everything!"


- Anne

 here's a picture of your Daisy (on top) & Scooter (15.5 yr old) on a recent journey."

- Terry B.

Daisy & Scooter
Pearly Whites

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our little girl (Lexi from Ruby & Obiwan's litter).  She is so smart, loves to take walks, sleeps all night, plays with her toys, plays with Zoey (our Cairn terrier), rides in the car perfectly, and is a very happy puppy.  She weighs 9.1 lbs. now and is growing into a beautiful little pupper-girl." 


- Don & Gina K.

"Hi Patti and Martin,
 Thought you might like to see Jackson on his first Christmas.We participated in the Boulder Christmas Parade Float for Animals by Cottonwood Kennel where he goes to Puppy Play. He was a hit, of course, what Westie isn't? He was dressed in his sweater and Santa scarf which he loves wearing. He just loves his coats and scarves. He is just gorgeous, a total doll, and joy. Great personality. I hope that you all are doing well and, I am sure, continuously busy with all the pups... Merry Christmas!"


- Cynthia F.

Christmas Westie Jackson Sweater

"Just letting you know Pippa and I arrived home late last night. Our first road trip was a great success! Now she is getting to know Trish and enjoying her new digs. Vet visit on Tuesday - they are excited to meet her!

 Nice to have met you all. Thanks for everything."


-Karen B. 

Click on the photos sent to us from Virginia K. to read her updates on

 'lil Ozzy!

"My wife and I just want to say thank you again for our beautiful Cordelia. She is such a wonderful addition to our family. She's about eight months now and every bit as beautiful as her mother, Pearl, with every bit of that spunk you can see in your photos of her father, Kava. When she turned about four months, we rescued a Chiweenie called Abigail. Cordelia will rough house with her like a sibling, but also protect and groom her like a mother. They are truly the best of buds.
She is everything we wanted. Friendly to everyone, especially children and other dogs. She's a little spoiled, as I tend to bring her and Abigail with me everywhere. They may be the most well known dogs in the area. I've attached a recent photo of the girls."

- Chris and Gabriela H.

Scroll over the pictures to see the captions shared with us by Terry B. 

"Don't ever let anyone tell you that any of your puppies are less than perfect!  We have four (Oliver [15], Robbie [14], Bertie [10] and Tristan [4]) in the family that are the most perfect dogs I've ever had in my life! In fact, I have people ask me ALL the time how did I train them to be so good and I always tell people "they were born that way".   

 Tristan (the surfer) is an absolutely stunning brute of a Westie!!  I'm attaching a couple of pictures of Robbie and Tristan so you get to see what beauties you made!

My parents dogs Bertie and Oliver go to the gallery in Santa Fe with them every weekend - I think they've sent hundreds of people to you because people fall in love and want one just like them!

We would never go anywhere else!"


- Christy O.

"My daughter and I picked up Max in March 2015, and I flew home with him the next day. Although my daughter has since moved into her own house this past year, we have continued to share custody of this darling boy. He loves coming over and spending the night with Grandma and Grandpa. We can’t tell you enough how much joy this little guy has brought to our family, when we were going through some pretty rough personal times. He is so loved and we can’t imagine our lives without him. Thank you so much for allowing Max to be a part of our family and we will always be grateful for this." 


-Kathleen G. (Grandma) and Kila W.

"Wanted to share a few recent pictures of Messi (girl from Simorn and Cooper's litter)! We ❤️ her! She is truly the best thing that has happened in our lives this year and we are grateful for her every day!"

-Mary S.

"Our Mr. Higgins flying with us to Tennessee. Loved by the Airline and everyone who meets him!"

- Sandra B.

Jackson's first day home!

Sent to us from Cynthia

"We adopted Jack in September.  He is a wonderful dog..."


-Carol and Jim

"Attached is a picture of Kenzie (13 months) graduating from Obedience School where she earned her Canine Good Citizen Award!"


- Debbie V.

Scroll over the pictures for updates on Charlie!

Shared with us by Myrna & Roy G.

"Little Emmy eats like a horse and plays
all the time with her toys including a bit of tug of war with a sock with
her mom and dad. Our little Emmy gets an abundance of love and we think she is just cute as a button.  She is eating well and gaining weight. I am delighted to report that our Emmy does
not appear to be allergic to my wife's lipstick and she doesn't object to
facial kisses- evidence attached!"

- Steve A.

"Finnley has been a very good girl and she loves to run around play chase. 

She seems happy , attentive  , and loving. We love her so much already!

I thought I should share a photo of Finnley meeting a fellow westie whisper who was adopted in 2009. Finnley loves playing with Rowdy!"

- Lea A.

"We couldn't be happier!"

- Virginia K.

"Hello Patti,

So it's been a while since we got our puppy from you. Shes now almost 1.5 years old now and we love her so much, she's so perfect and everything we've ever hoped for!

We named our puppy Latte and I've included some pictures of how she looks today.



- Peter & Kiley

"Charlie had his Vet visit and all went well.  I just wanted let you know that our vet was so impressed with the fact that you use Panacur for worming. She stated that you are the best breeders. She knows the product but had never seen it on a document from any other breeders in the country. We are very grateful that we selected Westie Whispers! You're the Best!"

- Myrna G.

"Just a note to let you see how Macy has grown, she weighs 5.2lbs. She is a good little eater and is very active."

-Tammy M.

"Hi Patti,
We just wanted to let you know how much we love our Lucy. She is 7 months old from Sahara and Obiwons litter, born July 2015. She is very sweet, lovable and has a wonderful temperament. Here are home pictures. I really think she looks like her momma Sahara.
Thank you!"

-Jennifer J.

"Dear Patti and Martin,

I’ve been meaning to write for a while. As you can imagine we’ve had our hands full. But we just love our boys. They are such good dogs…mellow, obedient, and easy going. We’ve named them Ciro (Cheer-o) and Fergus. We couldn’t be happier.

Many thanks to you guys for breeding such wonderful dogs. We are very satisfied customers!"

-Holly S.

"Hi Patti and Martin-
Hope you had great holidays.  Maizie is bummed because Christmas and her birthday fall so close together..."

-Don and Pepper M.

"We are in love with this perfect little boy. Thank you so much. You were all just great and the process was wonderful and seamless. I hope to see you again next year to get another little one."

- Dina G. & family

"Hi Patti,

I wanted to reach out to you and tell you thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.  Your little Westie has made my friend Janine the happiest person in the world. She has named her Chloe and she gets to come to work with Janine every day, so she is never left alone. She has many aunts and uncles that take their breaks to play with her.  I have attached a few photos, the first is Janine first meeting her at the house, the other two are here in the office. I think everyone in the office has fallen in love with her!  Thank you again!"

-Gail N.

Macy and Maddy, sent to us from Tammy M.

"She is adjusting so well to her new home!"

- Michelle H.

"Hi Patti & Martin
This is a recent picture of our darling girl!
Thanks again for such a wonderful gift to our family."


-Patti & Larry A.

"Aspen and Tilly are getting along great. They climbed into the same crate this
morning. Thank you!"

- Rhonda B.

"Thank you so much for our precious little Emmy.  She has seemed to acclimate pretty well, of course we have spent every minute with her while she is awake so I hope she continues to do well. Attached is Emmy taking care of her new mom."

- Steve A.

Pictures and captions shared with us by Arigesta.

"Hi!  I just wanted to let you know that our Westie Whispers "puppy", Winky ( Winky's parents were Lady Liberty Angelique and Sir Liberty Sebastian. Winky is named after the house elf in the first Harry Potter book which was published the year she was born in 2001.  She was my son's birthday present when he turned 9), is now a healthy fifteen-year old senior.  She had her annual physical exam today and she has no health problems!   She has no arthritis and her vision is good.  She is hard of hearing but that has not slowed her down at all.  She has been such a blessing in our lives.  She is happy and healthy.  I am looking forward to a few more good years with our Westie.  Thank you for being such responsible breeders!"


-Carol B. 


We have a Westie, Clyde (Clyde's parents were Asleigh and Trystan) that we adopted  from you eleven years ago. He has been a joy. He is such a doll. Thanks so much."

- Carol and Jim S.

"Martin and Patti, I wanted to let you know that Olna (aka Holly) is doing just fine. She got back from the groomers and she is beautiful. We will always be thankful that you let us adopt her.

All our best wishes for a great year."


-Carolyn B.

"Hello Patricia,

my husband and I purchased a puppy from you over 3 years ago and "Nucky" has brought us more joy than you can imagine! I love my Nucky so much, and thank you for being an Amazing Westie friend."

- Donna T.


We are enjoying our new Westie very much.  He is adorable and integrating into the family very well. According to the Vet he is healthy. Thank you!"

- Dan P.

"Thank you so much for your dedication in bringing us so much enjoyment with little Charlie. Our trip home was uneventful and Charlie was a good traveler. He adapted well to all of his new environments. Charlie is such a great little guy & full of curiosity. He's adapted well to using the training pad and that made his stay in the hotel very accommodating. It was a delight to meet you, Martin, as well as Cynthia and her family. Again, thank you so much!"


- Roy & Myrna G.

"Hi Patti, Hi Martin, I wanted to email you and let you know that our new puppy "Cloud" is amazing. She has such a calm temperament, super cuddly, and very smart. She is sleeping through the night and going potty outside. We feel blessed to have her."


- Michelle H.

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