Customer Comments and Updates - 2019


Here's a picture of Ollie that we got from you on August 18th in his Christmas Jammies.  Just wanted to let you know he is doing great and we love him so much.  He's been nothing but a pure joy and amazing to us.  So sweet, loyal, happy, silly.  Thank you for this little nugget of joy!"


-Elizabeth B.


-Mary H.

"Hi there! 

It has been one crazy fun month! My father, grandfather and I came to pick up our little guy on December 8th and left with a little girl as well! It took us quite a while to settle on a name, but we have chosen to call our sweet little baby Maesie (like Daisy with an M). Angus and Maesie are completely INSEPARABLE. We all feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to take them both with us and they are the happiest, healthiest little puppies! They were absolute angels on the plane ride home to California; hardly anyone even realized I had an animal with me, let alone two puppies! Both puppies just had their second vet appointment and Angus weighed in at 7.4 pounds and Maesie weighed in at 5.9 pounds! 

Thank you for making this experience so incredible for us. The advice you gave us when we picked up the pups has been tremendously helpful. I've been bragging about how perfect our little babies are so you may have a few requests from California!"


-Taylor T. 

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"They are showing off their new sweaters. They are the sweetest, happiest dogs and we absolutely adore them."

-David C.

"Hi Patti and Martin
We can’t thank you enough for what a wonderful puppy that we got from you!  Holly is such a sweetie and we just love her so much! We took her to our vet here- who has FOUR Westies- and he said she was perfect and weighed in at 4.8 lbs! Thank you again!"

-Susie S.

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"Hi guys! It was great meeting you on Saturday. 
Winston had a great first day in Denver before heading home on Sunday to sunny and hot Miami!
On Saturday he enjoyed playing in the snow at his aunt and uncle’s backyard and then slept through the entire night at our hotel. 
Sunday was our travel day and he did so well on the plane. He slept the entire time and was a hit with the passengers and flight crew. 
That night he met his big brother, Sebastian, my adopted, rescue Lab mix. They get along great and play together every chance they get. Even though Sebastian is 70 lbs, he’s so gentle and patient with Winston that enjoys chewing Sebastian’s tail. πŸ˜‚
Monday we went to the vet and got a clean bill of health.
Winston is doing great and hasn’t really had any accidents. I’m training him with the wee wee pads and he’s gotten the hang of it almost immediately! 
He’s a smart, adventurous, and feisty little boy!
Attached are some photos from his first 5 days with us."

-Tiffany B.

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"Lilly and the girls in NYC."

-Heather W.

"Hello Hello, Woof Woof! 🐾🐾🐾🐾

It has almost been 2 years since the purchase of our baby boys. We have had our lives changed beyond measure. They are our babies and spoiled rotten and we are spoiled rotten as well.  I thought you would like an update. 

They have been completely healthy and happy. So full of Westietude! They listen so well and have a wonderful home schedule/routine that works for all. They are so so loving around our 4 little baby granddaughters. ❀❀❀ I could write a very long letter about all they do. They are just AMAZING! 


Stand UP tall for 1 minute for treat


Down to the floor


Roll Over


Other Paw

Now working on / Bang Bang playing dead


They love love love to go bye bye in the car! They hall butt at the dog park. LOL! I play soccer ball with them. That is, until I am exhausted. MacGregor walks great on his leash. Stetson the Duke pulls me. They fetch the ball and bring it back but it takes a bit for them to DROP IT! Here is some pictures and videos if I can send them. Enjoy the fruit of your labor and ours. Thank you for our blessings!"


-Kellie R.

"Martin & Patti,
Lorenzo has been the light of our lives!  We love him so very much and he is growing into such a wonderful companion!  He has all the best Westie qualities that we hoped for.  Spunky and intelligent with a happy disposition—he is certainly a crowd favorite everywhere he goes.  His name suits him well with his big personality and all that self esteem.  He loves to run in the snow, play hide and seek, and cuddle.  He does great with everyone (animals included) he meets.  Lorenzo is healthy, strong and almost has all his grown up teeth in.  There are too many wonderful things I can share about our little love but I’ll keep this short and sweet (like Lorenzo).
Thank you for your dedication to the breed and for bringing Lorenzo into our lives, it will never be the same."

-Alyssa & Sean B.

"Hi Patti,
Just wanted to send you a few pictures of Holly!  She is so adorable!  She is doing pretty good for 11 weeks!"

-Susie S.

"Ava is the most smart, sweet, perfect puppy I’ve ever had. 
She is truly amazing. You do wonderful work raising happy, well adjusted dogs. She was obviously VERY well socialized when we got her. 
I am stunned, happily, by her, every day. 
I am passing your info on and I am seriously thinking of adding a number two."

-Audrey L.

"Just wanted to send you another picture of Holly! She had another bath last night! She really likes them- so did our Daisy. We still miss her so much but are crazy about Holly! She’s just adorable and really funny!  In the morning when she wakes up, she stretches her two front legs and makes this squeaky sound when she yawns- it is so sweet!"

-Susie S.

"Hi Patti, Hi Martin,
I had to forward this cute photo to you. Frost and Cloud are doing well together.
Frost is super smart! She can already sit on command, rings the bell to go outside and walks really well on a leash! Another great dog! Thank you!"

-Michelle and Lucy H.

"MacKenzie's 18th birthday... and going strong! Sebastian and Angelique were her parents. No skin problems or any health issues ever. Hikes 2 miles every day, swims all summer. Hearing and eye sight diminished some but she never listened to me anyway... Still watches Animal Planet and barks at the dogs.Thank you for 18 years of fun and frolic Patti!"


-Mary Z. 


Today was Cordelia’s third birthday. Just wanted to share a few photos and say again how wonderful she is. Thank you!"


-Chris and Gabriela H.

"Hello there!
My husband and I adopted a female pup from you wonderful wonderful people a year ago this last January and wanted to let you know our “River” is doing fantastic. A bit of a bully to our 11 yr old pit hound mix but we just love her to pieces."

- Tammi

"Cody, four months old, ready for his morning walk! He is the hit of my neighborhood, and a total sweetheart."


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"Hi Martin and Patti,
Just a note to let you know I decided to name the puppy Piper instead of Riley.  She's adjusting so well and is such a sweet, smart and loving puppy. We couldn't be happier. Her vet visit went well and her housebreaking is already in progress and she's doing great. I'm so in love with her, and Tucker and her get along really well. They love to play together and I think she has the upper hand. lol. Thank you so much for doing what you do."

-Darlene F.

"Hi Patti and Martin,

I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” for letting us adopt Bart. He came home with us on the 23rd of March, just after my 62nd birthday. He has gained one pound, 2 ounces in the past two weeks. Although he sort of has the idea about where to “go,” there have been a few accidents, but I’m not going to take potty training too seriously for another week or so. I couldn’t be more happy, and just thought I would let you know – he is Much Loved. Thanks again!"


-Robbin & Ted R.

"Hi Patti,
We picked up the pups and we absolutely LOVE them! (Who wouldn’t?) they are already great travelers!  They slept most the way home. We are in for the night and both are eating well and playing.

Thank you for a great experience! 


-Jodi B.

"Here’s Honey, born on Feb 8, 2017. At two years old she loves to run in our big yard and still loves to take anything she can get in her mouth out to the yard."

-Louise H.

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"The best puppies! So quick to learn and such an easy puppy experience! We came up with names! Winston and Benson.

They love chasing our “Harleigh” around and very interested in the breed “cats”. Amazing that they already know to keep their distance from them! Playing hard and sleeping hard! We love them and again thank you for a great experience!"

-Jodi B.

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