Meet our vets

At Westie Whispers, our number one goal is to raise healthy dogs.  Our veterinarians have made this possible.  In fact, we are so proud and fond of these wonderfully dedicated people that we wanted to share them with you.  Despite having our own onsite lab to perform routine checks and tests we would not be able to produce such great dogs without the assistance of our vets.  We believe that anyone who loves their pet would be grateful to have any one of these veterinarians treat their animal.  

     Along with their photographs we asked our vets to answer a few questions to help you get to know them a little better. 

    Dr. David Specht, University of Florida, Gainesville, class of 1990, began practice 1990.  Member of AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association), and DAVMS (Denver Area Veterinary Medical Society) South Area Director.

     "I was constantly around animals when I was growing up.  Having a father who was a physician in family practice made it a wonderful way to combine my interests in animals with medicine.  There is a mystery to solve when you are presented with an ill patient and I enjoy the challenge of the diagnosis of the condition.  However, the real satisfaction is when the treatment brings the pet and owner back to a normal and healthy relationship.  I enjoy the human-animal bond and have learned over the years in this field of medicine how essential it is for a veterinarian to encourage and foster this with clients and their pets.  I own one dog, Nikki, a five year old Boxer.  My family is active with the Canine Companions for Independence (CCI).  We raise service dogs as often as possible.  My strengths as a vet are my ability to interact with the animal.  Empathizing is a natural feeling for me.  I have done this every day for the past 18 years in Colorado.  I love working with animal behavior issues."

Dr. Specht:  "I am very impressed with the quality and health of your puppies I have seen coming from your kennel.  I am looking forward to seeing all the new generations of pups in the future.  I do believe having a "closed kennel" with the general public is the most important reason you have had such healthy and clean puppies." 

South Park Animal Clinic

Click the above link to visit Dr. Specht's website at South Park Animal Clinic.     

     Dr. Ron Moorhead, Colorado State University, class of 1987.  Member of NVMA, and AAEP.  

     "I became a veterinarian because when I was growing up animals, mainly horses and dogs were a very important part of our family.  Then in school, my interest in science developed.  

     My main interest in dogs at our clinic is surgery.  Having so many of my own dogs gives me good insights into what my clients expect in vet care.  I own seven dogs.  

Dr. Moorhead: " Martin and Patti work hard at providing quality, genetically sound dogs.  They give each animal the attention needed to become well adjusted family pets."

     Dr. Rich Paumer, Colorado State University, class of 1980.  Member of AMVA, NVMA, and Pheasants Forever.  

     "I became a veterinarian because I grew up on a ranch surrounded by pets and livestock.  Veterinarians intrigued me since I was a young boy.  Being around and working with animals seemed to be a rewarding job when I was young and still is today.  

     My strength with dogs is my bedside manner.  I seem to have a real infinity for getting dogs to relax, trust, and let me treat them for whatever is necessary.  All dogs have different personalities and I am able to read them all and gain their trust.  I own one dog.

        Dr. Paumer: "I have been providing veterinary care for Martin and Patti Bremmer since 1985.  One of the rewards for me is that they still seek knowledge in how to improve the care for their dogs, and thus, challenging us as veterinarians.  

     I think their primary priority is to provide the best possible environment for their dogs, which then will allow that puppy to become a good pet in any environment.  

     I would not hesitate to select a puppy from Martin and Patti knowing how well they manage their operation."

Dr. Paul Foy,  Colorado State University, class of 1978.  Member of Bovine Practioners, Equine Practioners, NVMA, AVMA.

     "Although my initial desire was to become a farmer, circumstances limited that.  I became a veterinarian because I like animals and I like the kind of people that like animals.  I own two dogs.  

     I'm not sure if you could say I have any definite strengths with dogs other than general knowledge of husbandry and health.  I really like them.  

     Dr. Foy: "Martin and Patti have taken their kennel a step further by increasing their knowledge of managing nutrition, disease control, and cleanliness.  Any animal from their kennel would be of high quality."