Client Comments and Updates - 2018

"I just wanted to let you know that I got Henry home safely! He was amazingly well behaved while traveling, even on the plane. What a sweet little man! The whole family adores him - we’ve been out running in our yard.  Thank you so much for your help yesterday, and for enabling me to get such an amazing puppy! It was wonderful to meet you.
 Here he was in our “camp” at the airport yesterday!"

- Katherine S.

"We bonded well. He us very lovable, and very intelligent!"
- Darlene J.

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"Hello Patti,
This is Ding Dong, (Nora and Harrington 2009).  What a wonderful companion he is!
I caught him looking intently out the window at a cat sitting outside below the sill.
His reflection is defined looking back through the window!  I wanted to share this with you because it is one of my favorites! Ding Dong will be 9 in June!"

- Jeanne E.

 "Tomorrow will be one year since I picked up this puppy.  I am the luckiest person I know.  He is simply an amazing dog.  I could use a hundred adjectives to describe him but I'll use just one.  Wonderful!!!  Thank you for breeding such great Westies."


- Nick T.

 "Hello, I just wanted to send an email letting you know that Daphne and I flew back to California safe and sound. She is now acclimating to her new home! Thank you so much for our new, beloved puppy!"


- Jacqueline L.

"Patti, et. al.,
Just a word to say “thanks” again for allowing us the privilege to bring our new puppy/family member into our home. She is smart and sweet as can be."

- Toby and Grace J.

 "Shopping at PetSmart for Valentines Day!"


- Darlene J.

"Hi Patti

We are loving our first week at home with Otis. He is fabulous and has fit right in to the family. I thought you would enjoy seeing a video of his first time in snow.  He loves it! Clearly a Colorado dog. Thank you all again we are thrilled with this little boy."

- Kam D.  

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I wanted to let you know that Harley is doing really well and has fit right into the family.

He turned 5 months old on January 1, 2018.

Harley and his sister Gracie go to doggy day care twice a week and love it.

We love our boy!"


- Roxi S.

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"I graduated from Obedience School yesterday. Happy day!"

- Darlene J.

"Hard to believe that Jackson is 2 already... He is absolutely the cutest and best boy ever, such a joy, we love him so much."

- Cynthia F.

This is a cute video of JR, displaying the very cute family trait!
He is a great, smart pup and a true delight every day."

- Susan E.

"Wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I am in love with my boy Gus.  He is 1 & ½ years old and a true joy.  The love he gives is unconditional and unending. I am the luckiest person in the world to have him as a member of my family.  Thank you for letting him find me!!!"

- Jeff S.

"Hi Patti,

 Here's an update on Lucie Loo!  She'll be one year old on 3/29.  These are a couple of pics of her winter in Denver.  She loved the snow in January and cleaned up nicely after a trip to the groomer for Valentine's Day! 
She's my little love.  
Thanks for breeding wonderful bundles of joy."

- Missy A. 

"The puppies were amazing every moment of our trip, they were so quiet and slept most of the trip home. They also have slept through the night with no problems at all. 
They are so adorable and are being loved all the time. We did add middle names, Wilson Donald and Lune Mia. 
Thank you so much for a great experience purchasing our fur babies."

-Albany O.

"Chopper and Huey are true Floridians now! They had their first birthday, so thought we would check in with you :-). "

- Christina and Paul N.


Just sending this adorable photo of Fiona (L) & Finlay (R)! Fiona is a bit taller but weighs about 1lb less than Finlay!

They had their first outing to a brewery, then a waterfront park today with lots of other dogs & small children! 

They both did quite well with all the "ooooh's & awwww's", meeting new dogs and all the little children wanting to pet them!  They are Full of Love & Kisses!"


-Tiffany L.  

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Just wanted to send a follow up and let you know “Winston” has made it safe to his new home.

We are so excited to have him and he has been a great addition to our family.

Winston slept the entire way home on the plane, not a peep.

We feel he has really adjusted well and even slept all through his first night last night. (I think we wore him out playing ;)!) 

Again just wanted to send an update and let you know travels were safe and we are so appreciative of  your process and what you do.

Thanks again! Here are a few photos of our first couple days together."

- Elise M.

"Hello Patti!

It’s been almost seventeen years since we last met, I wanted to let you know that our little Hannah (dob 10/19/2001) recently passed away. Can you believe that she was 16+ years old? I think that’s a real testament to the quality of your puppies!

I just wanted to say, “thank you” for our super-special little girl! Wishing you all the best."

- Laura S.

"To Martin and Patricia,

We are having such a good time with our new little Westie, Sophie! She's energetic and is doing pretty well with training. Thanks for your help putting us together and will keep you posted!"


-Deb K.

"Martin and Patti, 

Just wanted too drop you a note to let you know miss Lucy is ruling the world! She has been the sweetest, most well-adjusted dog ever! She walked in like she owned the house,  she IS the belle of the ball! After losing my 1st furborn Abbey, Lucy has come into the family and has healed our hearts...and her adopted Yorkie sister Daisy, has a buddy to chase squirrels with! Thank you for giving us a part of your hearts....she is in the happiest of homes. She is WELL loved !

Thank you so much for doing what you do....!"

-Lisa C. 

"Lily is one today, it's been an awesome year!"

- Jaclyn M.

 I thought that you would like this photo of Jackson (parents are Soraya and Ogden) at  Day Care, he is so funny and is quite the social boy! I call him the "Wild Child".


- Cynthia F.

I just wanted to give you an update on the wonderful little girl we picked up on 03/24/2018. She has adjusted so well to her new home, and she is very loved. We can’t thank you enough for everything you all did. We are so smitten with our little Dottie."

- Amy B.

"Intermediate Obedience School Graduation."

- Darlene J.

Here is our Stuart as a one year old puppy. He’s been a great addition to our family. 
Thank you so much for letting us get him."

- Jim S.

"Things are going so well here. Chloe, our 13 year old, has taken to the puppies. Puppies are doing fabulous. Love them so much. Thought you would like this picture." 

-Paula and Mary


We wanted to give you an update on Wilson and Luna.

They are both so happy and filling our home with lots of joy. Wilson is now 8 pounds 7 oz, Luna is now 7 pounds 7 oz.  Both are just so sweet and smart, I taught them how to ring the bell when they want to go potty, amazingly Wilson got it in two days and rings the bell.  

They are so much fun."

-Albany O.

"Hi Patti,

Honey was one year old on Feb 8. I brought her home to Santa Barbara in April. We are now living in LA where she has a giant yard to play in. She watches the squirrels in the trees all day hoping to catch one."

Louise H.

"Winston (Simorn & Kenobi) is fitting right in, happy little guy!  And, big brother Messi is loving his new little sidekick!"

-Todd, Amy and Madison S.

"I’ve been wanting to write you for over a week but I have been so focused on Riley that when he takes a nap so do I! I have not begun to teach him “tricks” yet.
I took him to Paws of the Rockies for his first visit to the vet. They said that they knew about you! Riley checked out beautifully! The vet told me that you bred another really healthy puppy! He weighed 5lbs, 4oz.
Right now Riley is sleeping in his playpen right where I can see him. Of course I’ll be taking him out after he awakens! Thank you so much Patti for all of your support throughout the adoption process and the months of waiting that I did! I waffled a lot as I kept asking myself if I could handle a new puppy. My kids and friends kept reassuring me that having a puppy would be a very good thing for me! I fell in love with my Riley when I first set eyes on him! It was also a pleasure to meet Martin! Thank him, too, for answering all,of my questions on Puppy Day!"

- Sally

"Bill and I just wanted to share our gratitude for allowing us to make Yuki a part of our family. Loved by all!
The two pictures I have attached is Yuki helping Bill with his stretching routine.
The other is our fountain that he has decided was built for his personal enjoyment!
Our training of all important skills continues... We are doing our best to help him achieve his full potential."

-Cindy A.

Yuki Fountain Web.jpg
Yuki Yoga Web.jpg
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Fiona & Finlay
Fiona & Finlay
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A few pics of Finlay & Fiona from their debut in the Mercer Island Summer Celebration parade today! 

Finlay is wearing a green lei and Fiona is wearing a purple lei!"

- Tiffany L.

"Dear Patti and Martin,
Thank you so much for bringing Bonnie and Clyde into our lives. This is our first day at home with them and they are adjusting perfectly. We are over the moon. We will send frequent pictures so you will see how much they are loved!"

-Dave and Liz C. 


"Rosie and Lucy are 2!"


-Mary Ann D.


"McDuff and I had a great first night.  He slept all night in his kennel in the kitchen without any accidents!
He loves chewing-just bought a few more chew toys, going for walks and cuddling.  
I think he’s going to be my best friend ever!
Thanks for everything.  I’ll keep you updated on his progress!" 

-Mary H.

Thank you for helping me pick out Roxie as well as all your advice.  I want you to know Roxie is the smartest puppy I’ve ever met.  She traveled extremely well to New York.  Not one peep on the plane.  We walked in the door and she met her new best friend Minnie my cat.  Love at first sight!  
She ate, drank, did her business and slept the whole night in her crate.  Best of all is she is 100% potty trained on wee wee pads. All within less than 24 hours.  She figured out the wee wee pads just this morning and has not had one accident.  Amazing!
Thank you for such a wonderful Westie."


-Barbara C.


"Inseparable and the best puppies ever!"

-Liz C.

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"Hi Patti. 
Just wanted to thank you again and let you know that Lillie is doing amazing. She was so good on the trip home and became instant friends with Sammie and she’s also been using the potty outside! She is a feisty little thing.❤️"



"Patricia and Martin, 
Wanted you to see our darling Tinkerbell (parents: Sabrina and Sawyer) on her first birthday (August 2, 2018).  She is the happiest and friendliest pup and loves everyone she meets.  She is especially “head-over-heels” for our grandchildren.  We sure love this smart and sweet little fur baby, and thank you for your care in bringing such wonderful pups in to the world!"


-Deb and Bruce Y.

image2 (1).jpeg

"Patti...thought you might enjoy this."

-Anne B.

"This is Bella resting on her ramp. We bought her a ramp so that she can go up and down on the couch in TV room. Miss Bella is quite a handful. We have discovered that she has an affinity to house slippers. Whenever we get out of the shower she has taken them from the shower and place them under the bed where she lays on them. She is so much fun and we really love her. Still working on the potty training. We have been giving out your website right and left. Wherever take her people fall in instantly in love with her."

-Sheri B.


"Isabela is doing really well. JR (her Westie brother) loved her the second he met her and he is helping me raise her to be a great pup. She is very advanced in every way, JR is a great mentor!

As I told you on puppy day, JR is the most even keeled Westie I have had and it looks like Isabela is headed in that same direction too!  Thanks for both pups!"


-Susan E.

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"Hi Patti,
I wanted to share photos of our “Boat Dog”. Charley loves being with us on the water. She is by far one of the sweetest, coolest dogs we know. Although we are biased, our friends and family echo that statement. Thank you for your commitment to excellence in the Westie breed and giving us  a forever family member. We are very grateful for you and Martin."

-Amber B.

"Alby is nearly 11 months old, doing wonderfully, and has been an absolute delight -- a friendly, healthy, feisty pup. He's been a quick learner with training and has become quite the mountaineer (he's conquered two 14ers so far). He's also adored by all who meet him -- I couldn't have asked for a pup with a better disposition. Many thanks!"

-Michael B.

Alby, 2 months old
Alby, 2 months old
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Alby, 2 months
Alby, 2 months
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Alby, 11 months old
Alby, 11 months old
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"Bella loved looking out the window at our suite at the Bellagio hotel in Vegas. She actually had quite a few fans, at the hotel. Whenever we would walk through the lobby with her, people kept stopping us wanting to look at her and see her. Of course, she acted like she got no attention at home!"

-Sheri B.

"I was so proud of Cloud as she hiked Mount Sanitas in Boulder with me. She is the best dog!"

-Michelle H.

Lexi spa day 09 20 2018.jpg

"Just a couple of updated pics of our beautiful Westies - Lexi is 2 1/2 years old now and is a wonderful big sister to Taffy (6 months).  Today was spa day (Taffy's 1st)!!  We love our pupper-girls!"


-Gina & Don K.

Taffy 1st spa day 09 20 2018.jpg

 "Lincoln is doing great and acclimating to our life. He is sleeping through the night and during the day he is inquisitive. He has brought so much joy!"

-Jesset S.


Just thought you might enjoy seeing this photo of my Riley!"



"Busted! Pearl helping Wally take out the trash!
Pearl is doing very well on her lead."

-Jane A.

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"Hello folks at Westie Whispers,

I wanted to send a quick note to say how grateful I am to have picked little Luna out of one of your litters 7 months ago. She’s been everything and more on all our little adventures and already has us wondering if we want another westie... :)

Thank you for doing what you do!"

-Maggie M. 

"Patti and Martin, Jackson is now a Certified Therapy Dog. He is the 120th Dog to be accepted into the Denver Airport Therapy Dog Program, the largest in the country. He is the only Westie working the program as of now. This is a professional photo that was taken. We had quite a photo shoot,  last week, he was so good with elevators, train, security, he loved it. He is so handsome and now wears a red plaid bow tie for the Holidays."

-Cynthia F.


"Patti & Martin,

Attached is a photo of Spencer,  our little 15 pound bundle of joy and love.  Spencer was the dominate pup from Cashmere/Finn 06/26/2017.  He is fun loving, assertive and super friendly to all  people and dogs.  He is fond of jumping onto my chair and throwing himself into a sitting position next to me.  Rub his chest and he is fast asleep.

Thanks for providing us with this great companion."


-Terry and Jennifer T.

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"Baloo, Maddie T & I spent 12 weeks this summer in campgrounds on rivers in Co, Wy & Montana. We’re now back home in Texas. She’s become a Class A First Class squirrel chaser. One picture attached she’s got one cornered in a tree. Shots and her spay surgery went fine. First haircut last Monday. She’s a wonderful little girl and I’m very pleased. Thank you."


-Dee G. 

"We made it home safe. Charlie did well on the trip, and the girls greeted him with curiosity. He's had dinner, drank and sitting on my lap. He is a sweetheart. Thank you so much."


-Jan S.



Just wanted to shoot you guys a quick email. All flights and travel went PERFECTLY yesterday. She was honestly just an angel through all of it. I couldn’t have asked for any better. So happy to have her home to meet all our friends and family. Thanks for providing such a smooth and delightful puppy buying experience!"

-Elly C. 

"Good Morning to all at Westie Whispers. Just to give you an update on Pearl.  She is such a sweetie and adjusting well. Our grandkids love her.  

We have added our personal choice to her name because we have always had “2 syllable” names ending in y for our Westies. We tried a few combos to rename her (Pearly, Polly, Penny) and the family voted across the board on POLLY! Her slight name change suits her personality as she fits in to our family. She will come when her name is called!😍

She is eating well and we have had NO potty accidents. She uses the dog door and often chooses to be outside rather than inside even when it is cold.

She walks on her leash and harness very well.
She does like to sleep on a chair rather than her bed on the floor.

 The neighbor’s dogs talk to her through the fence! She doesn’t bark which is interesting.  

She walks around a lot with her stuffed animal in her mouth and her tail wagging."

-Jane A.

Polly the Westie

"JR, 17 months, continues to be a sweetheart, pretty obedient, loving and really even-keeled. New puppy Isabela, 5 months, is a fantastic, really sweet pup and the two Westie Whispers puppies became devoted to each other the moment they met. When JR gets up on his back legs, I call it “show me the money” and he does it to delight everybody. Two wonderful Westies, I am very grateful to your kennel!"

-Susan E.

"We picked up our puppy Maddie (daughter of Leia and Lando) at the end of September and she has been a wonderful addition to our home! She loves exploring outside, walks, and even likes the snow! She is so well behaved and sweet. We love her so much! You guys raise great puppies. Here are some pictures of Maddie and some adventures we have been on!" 

-Kelly and Nick C.


"We are blessed!"

-Elizabeth C.

"We started decorating the house for Christmas. The pups decided they wanted to take the big stuffed Santa outside to play. It got caught in the dog door and when I saw it they were both tugging on him to try and force him through the small opening. We saved Santa but we’ve decided a Christmas tree won’t survive the pups this year. "

- David C.

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"Little McDuff is almost 7 months old and I thought I would send you a couple pictures and an update.  
He is just a delight! Loves other dogs, we spend a lot of time at dog parks and out walking.  He is very social and adapts well to all environments. We went to class at Petsmart, and he learned very quickly. Still working on a few tricks!  
I just adore my little Westie companion and thank you for breeding the bests pups ever!"

-Mary and McDuff H.

image1 (3).jpeg
image2 (2).jpeg

"Hello Westie Whispers,
We came home with Boy #1 from Rhythm and Casper on Sept 30th, 2017. As our first dog and puppy, we were on a big adventure! But Scout has become a member of our family and brought us together in so many ways. After a year (+), we can’t image life without him. He is an amazing dog—smart, loves people, gentle, and adventurous. He loves hiking, exploring creeks, traveling with the family, walks in the park (off leash), barking in his yard, and lap sitting. He knows how to sit, shake, high five, and stay (except when their are squirrels around). And we think he looks just like his Dad. Wanted to let you know how much we love him and how happy he has made the family."

-Kristen P.


"Hi Patti,
I just wanted to thank you again for a fun and well-organized puppy day! Lily made it home safely and is enjoying her new house and backyard."

-Samantha D.

Photo shared with us from John N.


Photo shared with us from Dee G.

"Good morning Patti and Martin,

I wanted to let you know that Charlie has blended into the family.  He's a character both fun and loving.  Daisy, my 9 year old Westie, has adopted him as her own and plays with him all the time.  When they're out in the backyard, all four play together.   He's doubled in weight and weighs 8.5 pounds.  He wants to play with the cats and they just ignore him.  The cats have been around the dogs since they were kittens so they all get along.  Daisy also adopted them as her own.  He's gone to work with me numerous times, as I want him socialized and eventually a therapy dog. 

I'm attaching a photo of Charlie at 9 weeks with the 'gang'."

-Jan and Dale S.

this one 11.24.JPG

"Stuart and his baby (our granddaughter). They’re the same age. 
Thanks again for letting us have a Stuart."

-Jim & Julie S.

"Hi Martin,
It has been 2 years since I picked out my Arnie.  Smartest thing I ever did.  I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful this Westie is. He is part of my spirit.  Many thanks again."

-Nicholas T.

"Madison is 8 months old this week & weights 15 pounds. 
She’s got a good life & is a good girl - a little stubborn every now & then but we expected no less. She goes everywhere with us."
-Dee & Baloo G.

"Hi Patti,

We thought you would like to see Rhino and Loretta. They are so cute.  We love them and they have filled up the void left by Stella.  Thank you again for your kindness.
P.s., Loretta is in red."


-Toby and Grace J.


Dear Patti,

One more update from Sasha, perhaps the last one.
She is potty trained! Hooray! I am SO excited about that. She now comes to the door and asks to go out.

She is extremely friendly and social with everyone, kids included; sleeps through the night, never gives us trouble with the crate routine, and very cuddly.
The vet told me for a terrier, she is almost too friendly with the strangers.

She seemed to be a bit too much of a princess, and to be honest, I was worried about that. Then, several days ago, Sasha jumped up in the air and started to chase a mouse. All her "my Highness" attitude was gone. I saw a small beast at work. It was great to see. She actually caught the mouse. I can tell you, in that moment, she got my 100% respect. That is the dog I wanted :) She can play a little princess at home all she wants, if she can be tough as well!

So thank you again, happy fall, best of luck with your new puppies!

Attached are few photos. Dmitry actually likes to dress her up. She was "blessed" at the pet blessing at Dmitry's school, and she was loved by all the girls at the tea party I hosted.

Marina O.

Marina O 2 10-10-18.jpg
Marina O 4 10-10-18.jpg
Marina O 1 10-10-18.jpg
Marina O 3 10-10-18.jpg