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Updated 11-28-2020


We have over forty years experience in breeding, raising, and training dogs.  Since 1973 we have


devoted ourselves to the health, temperament and conformation of our dogs.


For those of you who do not already know, we are in Brighton ( Denver), Colorado.


We are happy to say that we do not adopt our puppies to brokers, breeders, or pet stores.


All of our puppies are lovingly placed into private homes.


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Westie Whispers' Celebrities
Westie Whispers Lucca is Red Cross Hometown Hero
Westie Whispers Trystan is a surfing competitor

"I am so proud to announce that my sweet little Lucca, offspring of Sawyer and Omen, born Nov. 2, 2012, has recently been awarded the 2017 the American Red Cross Southeastern Colorado Hometown Hero "Animal".

Lucca has brought us so much joy over the past four years!  He became a member of the Go Team Therapy Dogs last year and our life has become a whirlwind of volunteer events.  I wanted his sweetness to be shared by anyone who needed love.

Please enjoy the video that was shown at the Hometown Heroes awards at the Broadmoor March 16th!"

-Joan C.

See Lucca here and here.

"Here are two links.  The first is just a great short clip of him riding a wave.  The second is a little longer but he was featured on Good Morning America.  He shows up a few times and we're interviewed with his board, etc.  He's even in there doing a tandem surf with his whippet friend Beans!  He came in third in the World Dog Surfing Competition! He was also on Good Morning San Diego this year as well.  We have such fun doing this and he's still in love with it!  Norman, who we got in December is quite the swimmer!  He follows everything Tristan does!  We haven't gotten him on the surfboard yet but he paddle boards with us all the time!  It's great for people to know that Westies are capable of anything! Tristan is the "cover boy" for Surf Dog Australia as well.
Last but not least, he is featured on the cover of The Dog's Guide To Surfing."

- Christy O.

You can follow Tristan on Facebook!

AKC Purebred Canine Registry
Fromm Premium Dog Food
Embrace Pet Insurance
Healthy Paws Pet Insurance
Pet Plan Pet Insurance
Trupanion Pet Insurance

Jackson is a Denver Airport Therapy Dog. He is part of the Canine Airport Therapy Squad (CATS) at Denver International Airport.

He is part of a very cool therapy program at DIA that you can read about here.

His mom (Cynthia F.) is extremely proud that Jackson is part of this program, and the only Westie there!

We are proud of Cynthia for helping Jackson become the Westie he was always meant to be.

Curious about where our Adopters come from? The answer is: 42 States, 1 U.S. Territory and Canada.

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