Looking for a good Vet?
Here are some trusted suggestions from Westie families...

Dr. Ed Cole, DVM, is located in Southern California (City of Irvine). He started Irvine Vet Services decades ago and he has provided care for 4 of our Westies. Over the past 30 years, he has cared for our "kids"; for their "parents"; and offered to serve as a "godfather" should something happen to us. I highly recommend him and his staff and facility. irvinevetservices.com


Deborah H.
Irvine, CA

We have used our vet for about 16 years. My parents actually went to the same vet when we were younger with the pets we had growing up, my brother, my mom, and other people that we've referred are always so happy with them. The Table Mountain Vet Clinic in Golden. 


Our primary vet is Dr. Valori, but any time we've had to see a different vet there due to scheduling or whatnot, they are all very good. It actually take us 45 minutes to get there, but wouldn't really consider going anywhere else except for the instance of emergencies. 


Carissa T.
Golden, CO

Dr. Scott Corey from VCA Animal Medical Center of Omaha, NE is a very thorough veterinarian who cares very deeply about your pet. He also cares about your well being and spends all the time needed to make you feel comfortable about any visit...


 Jim S.
Omaha, NE

Dr. Schlorman diagnosed my Westie with diabetes. Under her care, Cotton lived to be 13 years old. Cotton had a very good life and Dr Schlorman was a big part of that. Dr. Schlorman stayed right on top of Cotton's care. Dr. Sheri Schlorman took the time to answer all the questions I had concerning Cotton's care. Dr. Schlorman's practice, Creswell Veterinary Hospital, is located in Creswell Oregon.


Deb S.

Crewell, OR

I have worked with Greater Annapolis Vet Hospital for 25 years as part of their volunteer efforts with Westie Rescue MidAtlantic. I can not recommend them enough as they see more Westies in a WEEK than most vets see in their lifetime. Have an issue that your regular vet can not ID or assist with? Call them!
Greater Annapolis Vet Hospital

1901 Generals Hwy Annapolis, MD 21401




Stephen D.

Annapolis, MD