Updated: 6-15-16

1 girls from Bunny ready to go on 7-16

​​ Check below for complete details, and upcoming litters.


     This is the page where photographs and information of puppies available for adoption are posted.


     We post a photo of the entire litter of puppies at approximately one week old.   When the puppies are approximately six weeks old, we post more photos so you can see their cute faces.  These photos will be labeled boy or girl for easier identification.

     When more than one litter has been born, the youngest litter is at the top of this page graduating to the oldest litter at the bottom.

      At the very bottom of the page is the "Upcoming Litters" section.  When a litter is expected or a pregnancy is confirmed this list is updated immediately.


     Click on the "Parents" page to view the parents. 


Click on the "Purchase a Puppy" page to reserve a puppy with a deposit.


     To adopt a Westie puppy the fee is $1200.00 for a girl and $1100.00 for a boy.  You may reserve a puppy until he or she is ready to adopt with a $100.00 refundable deposit.  This deposit reserves a puppy and your spot in the "picking order".  (For example: the first person to send a deposit for a girl from litter "X" will have first choice of the girls when the puppies are ready to adopt, and it continues with the second deposit, then the third, until we have deposits on all the girls available.  The same process occurs with the boys.)  We do not know which puppies have already been reserved because people will choose their puppies, in person, on the litter's "Puppy day".  This is explained in greater detail on the Purchase A Puppy and the FAQ's pages.


      Westie Whispers puppies must be eight weeks old before they can be adopted.  Puppy Day is the day families can pick out their puppies and take them home.  Puppy day is always the Saturday of the 8th week after the puppies are born, unless a major holiday is on or near that Saturday.